Your holiday indulgence rescue plan

December 11, 2018
Despite our best intentions, our goal of eating for health can get derailed during the holidays. Your rescue plan for re-setting back to HEALTHY is here.

I’m pleased to announce that the January 2019 post-holidayBody Sass? Cleanse Group Program registration is now open! Woo-hoo!

This powerful and game-changing group program is back for an often-much-needed re-set, shortly after the holiday celebrations come to a close. Because?indulgence happens, despite our best intentions.

The Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program runs Jan 12 ? Feb 1, 2109.
Registration is OPEN and will END at 12 noon ET on Tuesday, Jan 8th.

You can sign up by clicking HERE.

For any of you that are new to our awesome online Create Vibrant Health community, the Body Sass? Cleanse Program is a foundational reset that delivers serious results, and inspires long-term lifestyle changes for health. This ever-popular 21-day program is designed to support the body?s natural ability to heal, recalibrate, and rejuvenate. You can embark on a solo cleanse journey whenever you choose; and, twice each year, you can join the extra-supportive GROUP cleanse. Fab!

The Body Sass? Cleanse, as its name implies, supports your body in becoming deeply nourished, while your toxic burden is reduced and your hormone system receives a powerful rebalancing. This typically results in weight loss, improved energy, better sleep, reduction in bloating and digestive issues, and more.

And the amazingness doesn?t need to stop there. The education and support that you?ll experience in this Group Program is both unparalleled and empowering. This means that you have the option to take what you learn about your body during the Program, and make some lasting changes in your health habits and choices to support long-term health and weight loss.

But don?t take my word for it. This is a sampling of the copious ?HOORAY!? emails that I get from the folks that engage in this program:

As someone who’s struggled with weight my entire life, this program is truly different and I’ve learned a lot about myself this past 21 days. Into my New Normal, as you call it, I’m taking with me both confidence in my ability to treat myself as well as I treat others and awe with how much my body healed even in just 21 days. I’m so loving the clean, clear feeling I have in my head when I put nourishing goodness into my body. I started out wanting to lose weight, which I did. But I’m taking away that what I really want is to feel good in my body and to trust myself.
The Body Sass? Cleanse has me on my way.
~ Marjorie

I am so glad I did the Body Sass? Cleanse! The best outcome for me has been the end to my night sweats. I have been suffering with these for years and they just stopped about a week in – hallelujah. This program has also opened my eyes to the need to add more veggies and to enjoy a much wider variety in my diet. The shakes are a no brainer for me going forward. I love them, and I love that I can have a fast AND healthy breakfast.

?You offer an amazing cleanse process – from the guidebook and video training to the supplements to the daily emails and amazing recipes! I felt fully supported from start to finish. I’m 100% sold on the benefits and imagine this will be at least a yearly thing for me. Thank you!
~ Jen

Your fantabulous story is next.
Get yo?self registered and join our January re-set.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & Body Sass?,



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