Your Exciting Debut as a Movie Director!

April 12, 2016
You can create your experience?this moment, this day, this life?by understanding and applying a simply Mind Savvy? shift in your inner approach to events. Unleash the power of your mind!

Good morning!!

Out of the gate, THANK YOU for all of the wonderful comments and feedback on my new website. I appreciate all of your positivity and enthusiasm, and am excited to serve you from this new platform. Woo-hoo!

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There?s actually a line in the Body Sass? Cleanse Guidebook that is spot on with our Mind Savvy? topic today:

?I suggest that you approach this, not as a sacrifice to be endured, but as a fantabulous opportunity.?

?Huh? What the heck does that have to do with me being a movie director?!?


Every moment of every day, we have a choice. Will we choose to be content, or irritated? Will we choose to be happy, or right? Will we choose to have fun, or Eeyore our way through it? (Remember Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? No matter what was in front of him, he saw it through the lens of ?groan. depressing. what a drag.?)

This applies to EVERYthing, my sweet peeps?

The dishes need to be done. Will you put on some music and enjoy the warmth of the water on your hands? Or, will you mutter and grump your way through it, hurrying and maybe even breaking a dish, inviting more irritation?

You got in a fender-bender. Will you get out, exchange insurance info with the other driver while treating them with respect, knowing that it?s just a car bumper and everyone makes mistakes? Or will you get out, storm over to the other driver, berating them as you go, and cursing that ?they?re such an idiot, nothing ever goes right, and why me??

While we can?t change the facts (dirty dishes, bent bumper)?

We CAN create our experience by choosing our thoughts, like a movie director creates the mood of a scene, by choosing how the lines will be read and what the actors? expressions will be.
We get to choose, all day, every day.

Yay! Of course, we have to honor our feelings, because they?re real. It?s pretty normal to be miffed that someone just rear-ended my car. The question is, will I just fully feel that feeling, allowing myself to move through it, and then move on to choosing my thoughts? Or will I allow that miff-edness to paint my whole day, complaining about how that person ?ruined my day.? Nope. They simply rear-ended my car, which lasted a few seconds. I choose the rest of my day.

I invite you to notice what is factual (dirty dishes that I don?t want to do), honor the feelings that bubble up (sigh), and then choose the rest (music and a cup o? tea, yielding contentment). YOU are the movie director of your life experience, which happens, largely, in your fantabulous, savvy MIND.

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With love & dish suds,


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