You Can Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel AH-mazing

August 15, 2016
Many hidden obstacles keep us from our goals of less weight, more energy, and vibrant health. These two videos will offer you insight & actions to steer around those obstacles!

Today is a double-shot Body Sass? video day! I have two videos to share that offer you game-changing insider info that can help you improve your weight, energy, health & joy.

VIDEO #1: Regain Your Body Sass?
In last week?s blog post, I promised you a video that gives you an inside look into the Body Sass? Cleanse Program.
Why did I create this Program?
What foundational health issues does it address?
What do people experience?

THIS VIDEO?also offers up some foundational education on how our bodies get out of balance, why that weight can be hard to lose, why that improved energy can be elusive, and why you might not feel as healthy as you?d like.

The Solo Cleanse is always a good choice, 365 days a year. And, the autumn GROUP Cleanse, which runs September 10 through Sep 30, is now open for registration. Woo-hoo! Click HERE to register.

VIDEO #2: Exercise Woes
A theme I hear over and over in my work with individuals and groups on creating vibrant health is this:
?Why, oh WHY, am I not getting the results I want from my workout routine!?! I?m working my BUTT off (only figuratively, not literally 😉 and banking serious hours at the gym and nothing happens. I?m SO discouraged.?

If this is you, you are most definitely not alone. Please tune in HERE for a bit o? insight on that bum deal situation!

Finally, a reminder that this month?s topic for the BodyMindSpirit? Membership is Weight Loss and members are loving all they?re learning! You can join that party HERE. Remember that the same foods that facilitate foundational, lasting weight loss ALSO Create Vibrant Health?!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?!

With love & Body Sass?,


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