You can choose what’s good

June 3, 2019
So much of our life experience boils down to choice. This includes how we experience others - will we choose to see their ugliness or their beauty?

How is your June shaping up, three days in? We’ve had two months of (seemingly) nonstop rain in the Greater Boston area, and recent days have delivered absolutely lovely weather – sunny, 70-ish degrees Fahrenheit, and a light breeze. And of course, all of that rain has created a greens and floral display that is jaw-dropping. (Can you tell I’m a nature-lover and a gardener?)

There’s a saying that, “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s actually true, and those five words give us a different way to look at rainy April days. Instead of looking out the window at the rain and stewing about how crappy that weather is, we can look out the window and rejoice in what rain provides for. (Or, we can do both.) It’s a perspective change that comes about because we choose what to focus on.

This is true for how we experience people, as well. Each day, in each encounter we have with others, we can intentionally shift our thinking to see what’s good. We can CHOOSE to see friendliness, kindness, intelligence, warmth, camaraderie, and unique connection. Even if (especially if?) it’s tiny. When we do this, we feel better about our life experience, and we actually bring out the best in others. They bloom, just like those May flowers! There’s a saying that, “Whatever you focus on expands.” I have found this to be true, especially in parenting.

When my teenage son leaves a corridor of clutter in his wake (not that that ever happens – cough, cough), I can focus on the one or two places where he DID pick up after himself. “Thanks for picking up after your snack. It’s so much more pleasant to come home to a neat kitchen to make dinner in.” I feel happier when focusing on what’s good. And, he’s much more likely to expand his courteous actions if I focus on those, as opposed to focusing on the corridor of clutter in the rest of the house.

When my co-worker, who I find challenging to work with, makes even one positive comment during an entire meeting, I can focus on it. “I loved your input on the Smithson Project, and look forward to more great collaboration on it.” I feel happier when focusing on what went well. And it’s possible that I helped her see herself as a positive, collaborative person, and maybe that feels good to her. I focus on her (inner) beauty, instead of her ugliness.

Both of these examples involve me saying something. And, there are many situations where we choose to simply notice, in our mind, the human version of April showers in a different way. Each time we choose to mentally focus on the good, we’re improving the vibration of our life experience. This not only makes our life better, it positively affects the world around us.

We all have this power of intention. This means that each and every one of us has many powerful choices to make, each and every day. They each matter, and they add up, for better or for worse. How will you choose today? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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