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March 23, 2020
We humans can be off-the-charts amazing. Especially when we band together in the name of community and support. Will you join me?

How are you holding up in this unprecedented, challenging and complex time that we find ourselves in? I often write my love notes to you several weeks in advance, but these last few, including this one, have been more in-the-moment?because that is what seems most needed right now.

So as I type this, it’s snowing here in the Boston area. It’s wet snow, so it’s sticking to every branch and twig and looks absolutely breathtaking. I know many in New England are annoyed at this late March snow, but I’m like a little kid that never gets tired of the snow. Well, not NEVER, but it has to snow a LOT for me to get tired of it. And I absolutely love sledding.

As I look out at all the beauty and think of the gorgeous woods walk I had with a friend this weekend, it helps give me some perspective. As my friend and I were walking, and I was (more than 6 feet) ahead of her on the trail, I stopped on the path and stretched out my arms and said something like, “Look at this beauty! I feel connected to Truth out here.” Nature weathers storm after storm. Insects, humans, pesticides, weather and all kinds of gook. But she is strong, resourceful and resilient. She is my hero(ine).

Nature feeds my mind with beauty and hope and positivity. And remember, we are PART of nature. We, like nature, can use our snazzy free will to choose to be brave, resourceful and resilient, regardless of what we’re facing. I’m not saying it will be fun (like sledding), but human beings have an enormous capacity for bravery, resourcefulness and resilience. Challenge can bring out the best in us, if we allow it to.

I feel that this particular time we are in of the felt impermanence and unpredictability in our health, personal financial security, relationships, the stock market, and how on earth to work from home when the daycare is closed?this particular time calls for us to pull together. To cultivate a Joyful Heart in a Wild World, so that we can be our very best selves. Not a Pollyanna kind of deal, but an intentional attention to our BodyMindSpirit, and to our interconnectedness, and aaaaaaalllll that I wrote about in my recent book, Wild World, Joyful Heart. Timely indeed.

And so. This video-phobic author and well-being guide (me) has committed to being present for the Vibrant Health Community during these challenging times. Check out tonight’s video post on Facebook, where I made a few blunders, but showed up in all my messy imperfection. (Yup; that’s in the book.) And I will continue to show up on FB (and maybe Instagram) during this tricky time, every day or so. Maybe I’ll even do another FB Live…or two or three or more.

So hop on over to my Facebook page, like/follow the page, and join in the ever-so-timely Wild World, Joyful Heart conversation. We’ll talk about Body Sass? (like, immunity and staying healthy), Mind Savvy? (like, how to not be in freak-out mode), and soul food (turn up that Dimmer Switch, baby). We’ll talk about how to not strangle your family members that you are possibly with 24/7 now. We’ll talk about broad concepts as well as super-specific coping strategies (like in today’s video).?

What’s on your mind around the COVID-19 pandemic? What are your top-of-mind concerns? How can I be of service to your empowered well-being in a Wild World? Chime in below the video on Facebook. I’m all yours.

I remain, as always, in service of your BodyMindSpirit.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love, sanity and soul food,



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