Why does timing of eating matter for your health and weight loss?

March 9, 2022
Ready to finally lose that stubborn body fat? The timing of eating matters. What we eat and when we eat are both key factors in losing weight, balancing hormones and reclaiming our health.

Our food choices AND the timing of eating both play significant roles in our weight loss and our health. There’s a lot of talk in popular culture about WHAT to eat. What about WHEN to eat?

First, I’ll give you a brief snapshot of an upcoming Timing of Eating program. Then we’ll dive into some juicy exploration around why timing matters.


A timing of eating program

Mark your calendar! The Spring 2022 28toGreat™ Program is coming up.

Program dates: Sat, Apr 2 – Fri, Apr 29
Registration opens: Wed, Mar 16
Registration closes: Wed, Mar 30

28toGreat™ is four fabulous weeks of programming and guidance around food TIMING and CHOICES. It’s also a deep education about WHY the timing and choices matter. Training in 16:8 intermittent fasting combined with the Food Sass® Lifestyle. This program includes full support via an eGuidebook, eRecipebook, daily emails for 28 days, weekly evening Zoom meetings, and a private Facebook forum. In short, I’ve got you covered.

You can learn more HERE, and I’ll be sure to give more information about the 28toGreat™ Program in upcoming newsletters. For now, let’s get curious about this important timing of eating topic.


Why does the timing of eating matter?


What you eat and when you eat it has far-reaching ripple effects in your body. I discuss this at length in the FREE ebook Timing Matters.

Your food choices build your body, quite literally. We build 300 million new cells, each minute of every day. We build them with oxygen, water and FOOD. 

While there’s not much variety in oxygen choices or water choices, there’s enormous variety in food choices. This, as you might imagine, can work in your favor, or not, depending on what you choose. Important stuff.

Meanwhile, the timing of eating affects your metabolism and energy. It also affects your hormones. Most importantly, the hormone insulin. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone and when our cells become insulin resistant, we start to gain weight like it’s our JOB, especially around our midsection.

The best way to reverse insulin resistance? A Food Sass® Lifestyle combined with intermittent fasting. A Food Sass® Lifestyle is building intention and habits around eating whole, nutrient-dense foods, 80% of the time. Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for the many ways there are to alternate our fast:eat cycle. Let’s explore.


Fear of fasting, plus the real deal


The word “fasting” freaks many people out, because they equate it with starvation. In truth, any time you’re not eating, you’re fasting. Eat breakfast at 9am and lunch at 1pm? That’s a 4-hour fast. Eat dinner at 6pm and eat breakfast at 7am the next day? That’s a 13-hour fast.

And, most any discussion on the timing of eating will lead to a discussion about 16:8 intermittent fasting (IF). Fast during 16 hours of your day and eat during an 8-hour window. There are good reasons for that, and here’s the real deal. 

The top 5 benefits of 16:8 IF are:

  1. Balance insulin and blood sugar
  2. Lose belly fat
  3. Boost energy and metabolism
  4. Reduce inflammation
  5. Ignite cellular regeneration

This isn’t simply my personal experience, or even the experience of the participants who have done my 28toGreat™ Program. Although I/they DID experience all of that awesomeness. A growing body of research, from notables like Harvard and New England Journal of Medicine, also supports the list of benefits above.

Once we understand how meal timing, food choices and insulin are connected, we are empowered to eat for health AND enjoyment. You can learn more about our insulin cycle in this blog post.


Timing matters. Wanna learn more?


Timing matters! Check out the FREE Timing Matters ebook HERE. In this rich and informative guide, you’ll learn a great deal about how to build health and well-being:

  1. The 3 main reasons we get stuck being overweight and with poor health
  2. The 2 focus areas that can get you unstuck and reclaim your health
  3. The 4 keys to support that journey
  4. A powerful solution to heal insulin resistance, lose weight and get healthy

How can the timing of eating support your health goals? Check out Timing Matters to learn more about it. I created this free ebook to help people like you cut through the noise and confusion. To uncover the simple answers to WHY we store fat around our middle and WHAT we can do about it.

If you get educated about food choices and timing, and build habits around them? You’ll make huge inroads toward feeling good and healthy in your body.

I promise this doesn’t mean you need to get all rigid and unforgiving around fabulous food. Instead, it simply means that you know the deal and honor it in a way that feels do-able for you. In a way that FREES YOU from the hamster wheel of failed dieting, poor health and disappointment. Sound good? Check it out.

To your empowered well-being,


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