Who gives at hoot?

August 14, 2018
Why do food choices matter? Why do we eat food, other than the whole grumbly stomach thing? What's significant about the number 432 billion? Answers to these questions and more await you.

As my book becomes more final, I thought it might be fun for YOU, a beloved member of my Create Vibrant Health community, to get some sneak peeks of said book. I’ve received so many questions about the manuscript (that’s what a book is called prior to being actually published)…

What’s it about? Are you writing like you, or all you being all stuffy and professional? When the bleep are you going to publish the dang thing, already?

The book is about unlocking our human BodyMindSpirit potential, both individually and globally – all the juicy stuff we chat about in this blog, and then some. It looks like the manuscript will be complete around Oct/Nov timeframe, barring any major snags – then I’ll embark upon the publishing journey (a whooooole ‘nother deal). I promise to keep you posted. As far as my voice in the book – aka: am I writing like me? – I’ll let you be the judge, via an excerpt from Chapter 6, “Honor Your Bod.”


We build our body with three main inputs: food, water, and oxygen. In this section, we’ll serve up some empowerment and simplification around food, and in the next section we’ll cover the water and oxygen. We support this body – that we make with food, water, and oxygen – with sleep and movement, which we’ll also cover in a bit. On the docket now is fantabulous food. Our amazingly complex, powerful, mysterious, and self-healing body takes in carbohydrates, fats, and protein (macronutrients), along with a vast array of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals (micronutrients) and builds, maintains, and balances itself. The food we eat builds our body, every day, for better or worse. We’re an ambulatory interconnected blob of fifty-ish trillion cells, and every minute of our lives, roughly 300 million cells die and are replaced with brand-spanky-new ones. Whaaaaat!?! I kid you not.

“Um. Big deal, Laurie Warren. Who gives a hoot?”

Here’s what’s hoot-worthy: we replace a staggering 432 billion cells a day (geez, no wonder we need eight hours of sleep?that sounds exhausting), without giving it a passing thought. This means that each day presents us with an amazing opportunity to build our body with the powerful raw materials of nutrient-dense whole foods. We can incrementally create new health for ourselves, every minute of every day. That, my friend, is empowering.

Before I started doing this BodyMindSpirit work I, like most folks, thought we got born, grew into a bigger body, and then just kept that same ole? body. And I thought we ate to fill our stomachs. The truth is we’re building our body with everything we put into it, and our stomach is only the middleman. Most of us, when eating, are eating to please our taste buds and fill our grumbly stomachs. But now that I do know better, I’m still all about food that tastes good, and I simultaneously have my focus on my fifty-ish trillion cells, who are replacing themselves and growing at a staggering rate, using the materials I provide to them via my food choices. So the question is, do we want to build a chips, cookies, and fast-food body (read: ticket to weight gain, dis-ease, fatigue, and blechy-ness), or do we want to build a vegetables, nuts, and eggs body (read: ticket to weight loss, health, energy and vibrant living)? My food philosophy is blindingly simple: Eat yummy-tasting whole foods that provide the body with maximum nutrition. That’s it. Twelve words.


Same ole’ me, right?! I’m not sure if I’d know how to do it another way 🙂
I hope you’re having a splendiferous August, and remember: the fantabulous Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program opens for registration next week! So mark your calendars for Sep 8 – 28, for some re-set, re-calibrate, and re-juvenate action.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & book fun,


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