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March 5, 2018
Laughter, fun, and lightheartedness aren't just a good time, although they are that. They also boost every aspect of our BodyMindSpirit health.

Happy March! My birthday was this Sunday and my favorite gift was that my power came back on – after winter storm Riley had his way with the east coast – five hours before my birthday started. Yay 🙂 Thank you hard-working power company workers!

In January I announced the fantabulous news that Kim Barthel is coming back from British Columbia for a two-day event on Heart-Centered Healing & Living. It takes place on April 28, 29 in Medfield, MA and we?ll be exploring the related topics of mindfulness, compassion, and compassionate communication. If you?re a spouse, partner, parent, teacher, manager, worker, collaborator, healing facilitator, nurse, executive, or any human that would like to create more productivity, sanity, liberation, and joy in your life experience, then this is right up your alley! Kim completely wowed our sold-out event in November, which ignited my determination to bring her back for more, more, more. We still have some spots left! Find out more, and learn how to register HERE.

Speaking of heart-centered living, I’ve got some fun Soul Food to serve up to your sweet self today.

One of the chapters of my book-in-progress is currently called “Living Your Spirit” and it includes 10 practices that encourage greater connection to, and expression of, that un-seeable part of ourselves that some call spirit or soul or Being. My thought is that our current state-of-world could use a whoooole lot more of that! A practice discussed in that chapter is..HUMOR! Haha!..I’ll bet you thought I was going to get all woo-woo on ya, and I faked you out and came up with humor. It’s true though! Humor not only encourages open-heartedness and connection – it’s also fun and good for us!

Laughter connects us from a place of lightheartedness; it reminds us that life is a gift; it hints that what seemed like a huge, hairy deal only moments ago, is actually only a medium-sized, hairless deal; and it unequivocally underscores that joy can be ours. Humor is a great way to relieve us from the seeming heaviness of our troubles, and from the stories that we replay in our minds. And, humor relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, boosts immunity, and encourages our body to pump out endorphins, the body’s happy, feel-good neurotransmitters (that we also get from exercise). Talk about BodyMindSpirit awesomeness!

For this practice, we?re looking for lighthearted. We?re looking for funny and fun that just IS. Call your funniest friend. Watch videos or read books that make you laugh. No matter how many times I read ?The Shi* My Dad Says? by Justin Halpern, there are sections that make me laugh?roar, actually?every time. Seek out time with people that like to have FUN. Melissa McCarthy’s humor and timing are priceless. Animals, especially dogs and cats, can be LOL-funny. Jim Carey and Dick van Dyke, for me, in their endless array of facial and body expressions, are just funny. Neither one has to actually say anything for me to laugh. My teenage sons make me laugh and are playful and fun. Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes cartoons make me laugh. Find out what tickles your funny bone and connects you to your innate lightheartedness, and bring it on! What’s not to love about humor?! And it’s sooooo good for us. Laughter really is the best medicine!

What’s your favorite way to include humor and lightheartedness in your life? I invite you to chime in below, and share your tips and wisdom with us!

Have some fun and laughter in March, and I’ll be checking in again in the first week of April. My complete manuscript is due to my editor by March 28, and I am heads-down! Enjoy the springing of spring. xo

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With love & laughter,


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