What do MLK Jr., Edison, and Nate Robinson have in common?

July 18, 2016
We all have habits, beliefs, and thought forms that minimize our ability to be the most full, awesome, and VIBRANT expression of ourselves. Our self-DOUBT encourages us to play small, in big and little ways, every day. Learn how to develop a new relationship with the specter of doubt. Put Debbie Doubter in the quiet chair!


  1. Marcia

    Laurie, your video was a wonderful reminder to live our potential. Glad you overcame your own fear to help make a reminder to us to do the same! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Laurie

      So glad it resonated for you, Marcia! Thank you for watching, and for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Martha Petersen

    Laurie, Your message couldn’t have been more timely. I’m 73 and, with my 10 year older husband, we are embarking on the next chapter of our life – downsizing and simplifying the material aspect of our life. Doubt Is creeping in … Is there a place as lovely as this, will the timing work, are we sure of what setting we really need?
    The times in my life when I jumped in and kicked doubt aside ended up being the most satisfactory…. ending an unsatisfactory marriage… quitting a good job and going to design school at midlife… reaching out to resolve a sticky friendship, and more…
    Doubt is trying to sabotage this transition, so your pep talk this morning has galvanized me! Thanks so much for this and the positive energy you spread in this world.

    • Laurie

      Martha, what a beautiful, from-the-heart note! I’m so pleased that the timing was good for you. Yes, as you outlined, Debbie Doubter is always nearby, waiting to muck things up. She doesn’t do it to be mean, she does it because she’s scared…the voice of our “ego”, wanting things to stay the same. To stay “known” (“safe”), even if that known is not serving us or others. I heard this at a consciousness conference that I was at recently: “you can’t get it wrong, and you can’t get it done.” So true, and remembering that helps us to ease doubt. YOU will make your transition great, as you well know! xo

  3. Monique Allen

    Thanks for talking about doubt. It is so easy to “give up” because “Debbie Doubter” sneaks into your brain…or some well-meaning friend tries to “save” you from yourself, your dreams, or your excitement by dragging you back to reality. I am noticing that my kids have BIG dreams and crazy ideas as they get older. It is actually more fun to go down the rabbit hole of dreaming with them and see where they land. Often, their own brilliance is what realigns their thinking. I have nothing to do with it…other than being willing to go on an adventure with them. Thanks!

    • Laurie

      My pleasure, Monique! It IS easy to give up and it feel scary sometimes to move through it to what you’re being called to. And I am in total agreement about the kid thing! Super fun to watch them bloom. 🙂

  4. Wendy

    I needed this. I’ve been working on this for myself the last few years… always a work in progress! I’ve learned that when I RELAX, and TRUST my choices… yeah well… it’s all good! But a reminder to keep at it is a good sign post for me to keep on my path.

  5. Laurie

    Absolutely, Wendy! Love “RELAX” and “TRUST”! xo



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