Warm Salmon & Asparagus Salad with Simple Pesto. Mmmm.

March 28, 2017
This recipe meets all of these criteria for super-charged Food Sass?: tastes AH-mazing; chokablock full of nutrients; looks gorgeous on the plate; obscenely quick and easy to make; and minimal clean-up. Rock on with all of THAT, right?!?

Thank you for all of the wonderful and helpful comments that you?ve sent my way about my recent blog series ?3 Confessions of a Vibrant Living Advocate.? I enjoyed writing and sharing them with you, and am pleased that they hit their intended mark?to bring more acceptance, gentleness, and ease into your health journey. What I?ve experienced in all the years of doing this work is that we are a lot more alike than we are different. We share similar joys and struggles. And that there is no Destination of Perfection island to be reached. If that island did exist, I can assure you that it?s population would be zero.

And for the rest of the world?s population (ie: everyone), our best bet is to honor our BodyMindSpirit as much as possible, while also maintaining our sanity and our joie de vivre.

This week?s blog is short and sweet. I?ve got a new fantabulous Food Sass? recipe to share wit ya! This recipe meets all of these criteria for super-charged Food Sass?:

  • Tastes AH-mazing
  • Chokablock full of nutrients
  • Looks gorgeous on the plate
  • Obscenely quick and easy to make
  • Minimal clean-up

Rock on with all of THAT, right?!?…which also makes this a GREAT recipe for a dinner party. I made it this past weekend for some company and it was a huge hit. Dark, fluffy greens with a light lemon-y dressing, topped with asparagus spears and pesto-drizzled grilled salmon. YumMY!

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Enjoy your finned Food Sass?!

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With love & yummy-ness,


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