Two Invitations and Thanksgiving 911

November 21, 2016
I?m servin? up some great Thanksgiving recipe reminders and inviting you to?

If you are in the U.S., my guess is you?re aware that in 2 days it?s Thanksgiving. WHAAAAT?!?!?
I?m not kidding. So, today?s love note to you is a bit of everything?recipe ideas, support, and an invitation that can provide you with a fab thing to look forward to!

Invitation #1

First, a fantabulous invitation. I?ve been selected as a speaker for the Move Breathe Explore 1-day Women?s Leadership Retreat in January, and I?d love to see you there! This is one-day retreat that takes place on January 21, 2017 from 8:30 ? 5:00 at the Nantasket Beach Resort in Hull, MA, USA. The retreat is ALL about increasing your personal and professional effectiveness while connecting with like-minded people in an interactive & relaxed atmosphere. ?It?s your life. Claim it.? Love that. (You can likely already see why I agreed to speak at this event!)

Early bird tickets are on sale now and can be obtained at
You can also check out the retreat Facebook page HERE. You can really get a feel for the event and the presenters on this FB page, as it includes various quotes and video interviews with speakers (including one with yours truly). This allows you to know, before signing up, if this retreat experience is for you. I, for one, am totally stoked about it, and hope to see you there.
A GREAT holiday gift idea is to buy two tickets and gift one to a friend, family member, or colleague that you?d love to have join you!

Thanksgiving 911: Food Sass?, Baybeeee!

Are you scrambling for Thanksgiving dinner ideas? A few weeks ago, I shared a nutritious & delicious recipe for Mashed Cauliflower which you can find HERE. A few of our community members have already made it on a test run and LOVED it.
Also, check out my Food Sass? for FREE page for my Sweet Potato Heaven and Bonanza Salad recipes, which are both great Thanksgiving fare.

Invitation #2

I invite you, this holiday season, to create your own joy.

Joy is found inside, not in outside circumstances or people. We have the opportunity to leave the holiday stress (mostly) behind, and simply create joy. This may look like committing to less, and creating more space in your schedule. This may look like focusing on what truly matters, and letting the rest slide. This definitely includes focusing in the moment because this moment is where the magic is. Everything important will happen. It?s within the connection and love that the joy is found anyways.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?!

With love & joy,


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