Top 5 Tools for Diabetes Type 2

November 24, 2015
Diabetes Type 2 is nothing you have to live with. Don?t just throw in the towel, because now you ?have? this ?disease.? This lifestyle-created disorder is almost 100% heal-able!

Good morning!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. peeps!! (2 days early) If you are not a U.S. peep, well then, happy last-Tuesday-of-November!!! J November is American Diabetes Month and I?d like to share some proactive tools with you, in this BODY SASS? edition of Creating Vibrant Health.

First, a few important facts for you. Diabetes Type2 (T2) is 100% avoidable AND nearly 100% heal-able. I see it in my practice (the healing part?well, and the avoiding part too!) every day. It?s important that you know this, so that when you see statistics like?

  • Every 90 seconds someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Diabetes affects nearly 30 MILLION adults & kids in the U.S.
  • Another 86 MILLION adults & kids are prediabetic (ie: about to join the 30 million who have it).

?that you won?t freak out. And when you learn all that this condition does to ravage your poor sweet body (like greatly increase your odds of heart disease)?that you won?t freak out.

It?s important to take notice, and take steps to protect or heal yourself, of course, but KNOW that this condition is totally heal-able?and avoidable. Whether it?s ?in your genetics? or not. Great news! Yay!

?SO, Laurie Warren, yes, very ?yay? but?like, HOW??

As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts to that question. But I am excited to share with you FIVE of the most important things you can do to prevent or reverse diabetes T2.

  1. Regular exercise is a powerful force for the avoidance, or healing, of diabetes T2. (key word is ?regular?)
  2. Eliminate, or greatly reduce, grains and sugars (and all processed foods) in your food lifestyle.
  3. Be sure you are getting 45+ grams of fiber a day.
  4. Eat every 3-5 hours. Eat when you?re hungry. Stop when you?re not.
  5. Get plenty of omega-3 fats from a high-quality, animal-based source. Like 1200 mg a day from a good fish or krill oil.

This is truly not rocket science. (Thank gawd, as I have no idea how to build a rocket!) There are literally 30+ million people that are needlessly struggling with this, and creating damage in their organs?that are about 100% heal-able! Please pass that (or this post) on to anyone you know that needs that news. Needless struggling is a bummer.

What?s NOT a bummer is the good news that my next Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program opens for registration on December 15th! Woo-hoo! Why am I telling you this right now? Well, (1) folks have been asking, and (2) it?s my job to keep you updated on awesome Programs that can help you Create Vibrant Health?, and?(3) Jan 12 ? Feb 5 a whole big group of happy peeps will be recalibrating and rejuvenating after the holidays AND will be eating in exactly a way that is protective for avoiding diabetes T2! Bingo.

Additional excitement is: this go-round of the Program, I?ll be offering BOTH a 21-Day option AND a 10-Day option! Both start on Jan 12. Both are amazing. Of course, I highly recommend the 21-day version, as this is a case where more, is indeed, better. However, if 10 Days is your deal, then let?s do it! Your body will feel sassy and happy that you did. Can?t wait to serve you in the Program!

Check me out on Periscope! You can follow me there: @LaurieWarren12. Live interactive video?it?s like a Create Vibrant Health blog post, ?in person?, 5 days a week, with the ability to comment and ask questions. Would love to see you there!

The food you eat builds your body, every day, for better or for worse.

With love & happy blood sugar,


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