Time for a re-set?

August 5, 2018
You know that gunky, funky feeling that we get when our wellness train has gotten off the tracks? Me too! Let's talk about how to get back on track, and inhabit a body and life that we feel good about.

Today’s love note is all about those times in life where we feel “off” – physically or mentally – and are aching for a re-set. Last week, I was talking to a new client last who said,
“I just want to feel like myself again. Yes, I want to shed some of this summer weight, and I also want to have more energy and just feel more empowered and engaged in my own life.”
She captured that gunky, funky feeling so well (hence me writing it down), and I get it, as I’ve visited that spot a few times myself.

So, the first good news is that, YES, I will indeed be running a Fall 2018 Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program! I’ve already been getting inquiries about it from Program veterans, and want to let everyone in on the dates:
Fantabulous 21-Day Cleanse Group Re-set is September 8 – 28. So mark your calendar and get ready to recalibrate, rejuvenate, and re-set your body and mind around FOOD. Lose weight, gain energy, and feel AH-mazing. Click HERE to find out aaalllll about the Cleanse and what it can do for you in three short weeks!

And if you’re excited about the Cleanse but are looking for and even deeper and more personalized BodyMindSpirit re-set, then you’re in luck! I’ve had a few spots open up in my six-month Transformation Coaching Program, which starts with the Cleanse! This program allows folks to engage in a personal, targeted coaching relationship, that?s all about meeting them where they are, and guiding them where they want to go, BodyMindSpirit?. This program includes it ALL…one-to-one coaching, video training, emails, eGuides, trouble-shooting, tactics, tools, barrier resolution, and of course my time-proven Body Sass Cleanse??all from the comfort of your phone and your computer.

The truth is that change can be good?and transitions can be hard! This is where a coach comes in. This is why entrepreneurs and business folks hire mentors and coaches, why Olympiads-in-training and every other athlete has a coach, and why YOU and/or your loved ones need a coach to unlock your potential for the healthiest, happiest version of YOU/them. I?ve developed this program from years and years of finding out what works and what doesn?t (and we leave out what doesn?t!), and the reviews have been phenomenal. Whether you are looking to develop a new relationship with food and your body, lose weight, address a chronic health issue, or uncover the ways that you can boost your energy, this Program has got you covered. Here?s a sample, and you can read more at your leisure:

?Everyone wants someone in their life that ‘gets’ them – and Laurie gets people. Working with her over 6 months allowed me to create positive change in so many areas of my ‘whole-person health’ picture, as Laurie calls it. I’ve lost 32 pounds, which is SO great; but I also feel calmer, smarter about how to create change, and empowered to embrace everything I learned – as a lifestyle. My husband and family are reaping the benefits, too! This program is the real deal.? ~Candace

How awesome – go Candace! I would love your story to be next. If you’re ready to live your coming decades of this precious life experience feeling more healthy and whole, I’m ready to partner with you in that endeavor. Let’s do it.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & re-set glory,


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