This may be the missing factor in your health picture

February 4, 2019
Eating in a way that both fuels our body and delights our taste buds is an important aspect of both good health and a healthy relationship with food. But there's another important aspect to food and health that many of us overlook.

My 21-day Cleanse Program just had its 10-year anniversary. After guiding north of 1,000 people through this program, I’m STILL awe-struck by the healing power of food. Our food choices affect our weight, metabolism, hormone balance, immunity, ability to handle stress, sleep quality, brain function, ability to build muscle, digestive function, and our mood. And that’s just the short list of the Big Ten that folks most commonly mention on Day 21 of their Body Sass? Cleanse Journey. Here’s one person’s feedback from the Group cleanse I just ran in January:

I’ve lost pounds and am down a dress size; and it’s amazing how, after the first 5 days, this program starts to feel effortless. Maybe because I’m feeling so incredibly GOOD. My energy and mental clarity are outstanding and I haven’t slept this well in years (decades?). I also typically have sore knees and that completely disappeared, even though I haven’t changed my activity level at all. This program is top-notch and unlike anything I’ve ever done before. The best part is that I see how to keep some of these food choices for life and that, I’m really excited about. Thank you. I feel 10 years younger!

I love my job!! What we fuel our body with is pivotally important in determining our health. And there’s another food-related health determinant that’s equally, if not more, important. What’s this stealth factor that we often overlook?

What we don’t eat.

Or, at least, what we consciously make an effort to eat minimally. This is a major aspect of the Cleanse too. Nutrient-dense food has the power to heal our body, most especially when we’re not mucking up the works with food and drink choices that hobble our health. Here are 5 key removal/reductions that you can start today. Choose one or two and commit for 2-3 weeks, noticing changes in how you feel.

  1. Remove artificial sweeteners – Splenda, Nutra-Sweet, Equal, Sweet-n-Low – from your food lifestyle. These are one of the worst insults to our health.
  2. Reduce your sugar intake to 36 grams – 8 teaspoons – per day. A big area to assess is how much sugar you’re drinking.
  3. Limit caffeine to one 8-oz. cup per day, before noon. Outside of that, switch to a high-quality, delicious decaf.
  4. If you’re someone that enjoys cocktails, limit alcohol consumption to weekends. And then keep it to 2 drinks on one or two. Alcohol is drug that challenges our liver, adds empty calories to our day, and interferes with our sleep quality.
  5. Remove or minimize deep-fried foods – French fries, donuts, and batter-fried foods – from your food lifestyle. Deep-fried foods are saturated with damaged omega-6 fats, which introduce free radicals into our sweet bod, damaging our DNA and inviting disease and dysfunction.

Any food lifestyle shift toward more nutrient-dense foods, and away from health-eroding food and drink, creates cumulative benefits, health, and longevity. What are some of your favorite “removal hacks?” Let’s start a conversation! I invite you to chime in below.

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