The truth of getting to our truth

October 9, 2018
My literary wellness project is poised on the fulcrum that will move it from manuscript to published book, and straight out of said manuscript is some Soul Food for your day.

I’m writing to you from the cradle of my very favorite five weather weeks of the year in New England. Beautiful sunny, cool days…crisp nights…and the sun slanting at the perfect angle through the ever-changing fall palette of yellow, orange, and red that the trees are painted with. Heaven on earth. I’m also just back from the New York City WELL Summit and am deliciously overwhelmed with inspiration, information, and gratitude. And from the cradle of all that yummyness, I have some fun news to share, and a serving of Soul Food to start off your week.

Fun news #1:

Our Fall2018 Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program was a huge success and folks not only shed some unwanted fat, gained energy, and enjoyed a much-desired re-set, but several folks experienced the profound Body Sass? awakening that this program is known for. But don’t take my word for it – here’s a few notes I received as our program came to a close:

“From this Program, I’m taking with me confidence in my ability to treat myself as well (if not better) as I treat others, taking the clean clear feeling I have in my head when I put into my body only what it needs, and the awe I have for how my body healed even in just 21 days.”

“The Body Sass Cleanse has provided me a renewed confidence in how nourishing and beautiful healthy food is, and the endless variety that I can enjoy to build my body in a healthy way, delighting in healthy food without a sense of deprivation.”

“This newfound clarity of mind is amazing. I also sleep much more soundly, and I love it that my body feels ?lighter.”

Woohooooo! Love that sass. If the timing didn’t work for you, and you’re hungering for a re-set, the Body Sasss? Cleanse SOLO program awaits you. You can start this richly-supported program whenever you like, and can register HERE. Honor your body – it’s the only vehicle you have to ride around in for this life!

Fun news #2:

Speaking of honoring your bod, my upcoming book (that will likely be entitled “Start with You”) has a whooooole chapter on bod-honoring. Like, chapter six is literally called “honor your bod.” And … (drum roll please) the polished manuscript was sent out to my beta readers on September 25th, which is a very exciting milestone!

“Wait just a minute there, Laurie Warren. Is that one of your made-up words? What on earth is a “beta reader?!”

I didn’t make it up (this time). Beta readers are kind-hearted folks with a critical eye that agree to read a manuscript and provide their feedback on it. What they loved, what they didn’t, where they were intrigued, and where they were so bored that they felt it would be more fun to poke out their own eyes with a blunt object than to continue to read. But read on they do, and they ROCK. I’ll gather all of their feedback by the end of October, make any necessary editing tweaks, and then…on to the publishing journey!

A serving of Soul Food for your week.

There’s also a whoooooole chapter in my upcoming book on the third aspect of our BodyMindSpirit human-ness, Spirit. The part that a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about, even though more than 85% of the world are “believers” – people that believe in some higher power or consciousness that is the organizing energy of the Universe, and that we’re part of that big, scrumptious soup. And, especially given our highly charged and polarized times, I think we need to get more comfortable talking about it. Because….

“I?m sharing the musings in this chapter with you not because I?ve mastered any of this, or because I live some charmed life of constant love, non-judgement, and bliss. The last thing we ever want to do is buy into the notion that spiritually-focused lives and relationships are always serene, unicorn-and-rainbow-ish, and blissful. In fact, we actually can’t get to our truth …by sitting in a sunny meadow, smiling beatifically, and avoiding our trauma, grief, anger, and whatever else makes up our own personal brand of messy personhood. Our trauma, our grief, our anger, all of that is the way to our truth. Sometimes this messy personhood stuff is slimy and prickly and pathetic, but better to lean into all of that – talk about it and feel it and walk through it – while consciously using our powerful mind and loving ourselves with the Ten Healing Practices, than to spend our lives being silently poisoned by our own shame and isolation. It’s not that we’ll always live up to (the most aligned and authentic version of ourselves) ?but we always have access to it.”

That’s straight out of the book and I’m just so excited to share the whole thing with you in the very near future! Have a wonderful week.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & Soul Food,


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