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June 21, 2016
A new FDA-approved surgery raises a lot of questions. It also reinforces that there is one person you can trust to advocate for your health and well-being.

There was an article recently published that seemed so ridiculous that I did some research to make sure it was real, and not a bad joke, or urban legend, or a giant misprint. It wasn?t any of those. Which then meant that, for me, it became incredibly disturbing.

I?ll provide the link to the full article at the end of this post, in case you?d like to read it for yourself, but the SparkNotes is this:
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its approval of a stomach-draining device called AspireAssist. This surgical/machine jobbie is ?designed to combat obesity via a drainage tube and port implanted in the patient?s stomach, allowing the patient to drain some of their stomach contents after they eat.? The intent of the device is to drain about 30-percent of a meal’s calories?.by emptying them into THE TOILET.

I could do a very long riff on the myriad of things wrong in this picture?the device, its approval, health implications, and the mindset behind it. I?m not joking when I say it actually FRIGHTENS me.

Make no mistake, I understand that weight loss can be very difficult. And I understand that being overweight or obese can lead to not feeling good about oneself, a host of health issues, social issues, and much more. I work with folks in this area every day, and I truly get it.

The funny thing is that, in the promotional video that?s imbedded in the article, they say that this is for overweight people who are ?frightened by invasive surgical procedures? (ie: Lap-Band surgery). Um. Isn?t having an open port put into your abdomen both invasive and a surgery?!? I think so. Isn?t sucking food out of your stomach invasive?!? Yep.

Further, we say that bulimia is a harmful and serious eating disorder that is life-threatening. And then the medical community and the FDA launch a device that is basically a bulimia-assist machine! Holy cow, it?s the same dang thing! We eat food and then we empty into the toilet. Rinse and repeat. We don?t address WHAT we?re eating or the habits in our mind that have led to weight gain.

And of course, there?s the issue that?s hard to ignore around potential infection. At one end, we?ve got an open port in our stomach. Then, we attach a tube to that and dangle it into the toilet. I honestly don?t care what machine or mechanism is between my insides and the toilet bowl?that?s just creepy and an accident waiting to happen.

?But the FDA approved it! So it must be fine.?
The FDA actually does not have a fabulous track record of protecting us. There are many contributing factors to this, including budget, political & lobbying influences, and corporate ties wrought with conflict of interest. The FDA approved Vioxx and that killed over 60,000 people; that?s aside from the thousands that were badly affected but lived to tell the tale. The FDA finally ruled to remove trans fats YEARS after most European countries, long after it was scientifically clear how incredibly bad for us they are. And the list goes on.

I tell you this so that one thing is clear. YOU are the ONLY person in charge of your health. You must own your own health process and consider very carefully what happens to your body. No one else will look out for your health, and the integrity of your Being, like you will.

Body Sass? is about honoring and working WITH the human physiology and mind. It?s about OWNING your health process and your body and being the well-informed gatekeeper of the gift of your health & life. Body Sass? is about healing, from the inside out. In my view, this AspireAssist (that is the link to the article) is anti-Body Sass?. However, what?s most important to you is YOUR view, and I invite you to research, ask questions, and trust your intuition on every step of your Health Journey!

Own it!…and?
Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & sass,


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