The joy of being a speck

April 10, 2017
The ability to help ourselves get perspective amidst our very full, sometimes rather messy, lives helps us show up and enjoy this precious life experience.

Here in New England, spring is springing and it?s fresh, and warm, and bird-chirp-y. The seasonal changes never get old for me. Every year, for every season, I feel like a 3-year-old? just looking everywhere, loving the change, and marveling at nature. I love the energetic of ?waking up? and ?starting anew? that accompanies spring.

I find that as I watch nature ?wake up,? it?s yet another reminder of how tiny I am, and how tiny both my ?wins? and challenges are. I?m one seven-billionth of the human family, and a far teenier part of the animal family, which then all pales in comparison to the power and grandeur of nature. All of which is an insignificant speck in the infinite Universe. It?s a bit mind-blowing, actually.

?Laurie Warren why are you prattling on about all of this?!?
I know, I know?but here?s the thing. We can all use a little perspective sometimes. Sometimes our problems seem so big and/or so unique and we allow them to get us all out of sorts. We often treat every challenge as if it?s going to make or break the rest of our lives. ?OMG, the car battery?s dead and I have a meeting!!! AAAHHHH!? Annoying, yes. Life-altering, no. Unique, definitely not. But we start telling ourselves a story about how big our problems are and how hard our particular life is. And then we start to believe it, which colors our whole life experience. And then we?re a sad, stressed-out human speck, instead of a joyous one.

I was thinking about all of this and then I walked by my fridge, and saw the picture that accompanies this post.
That?s one of those fridge magnet jobbies. (Yes, my fridge is 10,000 years old.) I found this magnet in a card in my mailbox last year, from a dear friend who was just being a cutie-pants and reminding me that she loves me. (Friends rock.) It?s been on my fridge ever since. Each one of us is, indeed, a unique child of the universe. There?s never been a you and there?ll never be another you. And you have amazing attributes and talents that are your gifts to the world. AND you?re tiny.

A great way to keep perspective, and to be reminded of the peace in your soul, amidst the noisy confusion of life, is to remember that you?re unique and awesome AND tiny. It just may free you up to relax and enjoy a bit more, and to appreciate yourself a bit more too. Doesn?t that sound super-fun!?!? Relaxing, enjoying, and lovin? yourself right up!

Carl Sagan?s Pale Blue Dot is a great reminder of how to get some perspective. If you?ve never watched that, it?s definitely worth three minutes and thirty seconds of your time. Have a fantabulous week, and as Richard Carlson said?
?Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it?s all small stuff).?

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Big love,


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