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September 12, 2017
How to succeed? achieve? We multi-task, take classes on boosting productivity, and ride ourselves so hard. Learn how to put all of that into perspective, and to achieve whenever you choose.

Today is a Soul Food bonanza :-)?? Yummy!
On this fine September day, I?m offering up Soul Food to feed your week, AND an invitation to a Soul Food FEAST in November. Wooot!

Soul Food extravaganza in November

I have received several emails in the last few weeks, as many folks return to a more scheduled life after the summer months, that ask some rendition of?
?Hey, I remember there being an announcement about some really cool event this fall. I thought ?yes!? and then, because it was months away, I didn?t actually take action. What was that event, and are there still seats left??

All happy news!…
The event is ?The Power of Compassion? with Kim Barthel on Thursday, Nov. 9 from 8:30 to 4:30 in Medfield, MA. Yes, it?s really cool. Yes, she?s a rock star. Yes; we are over 50% capacity, but still have seats left. Yes, I?d love to see you there! SUCH a great group of people is gathering and I?m over-the-moon excited! Kim is coming aaalllll the way from British Columbia to discuss this important topic with us; and for that alone, I am grateful.

Please see complete event and registration info in the footer of this post. I expect the remaining seats to fill quickly, so pop your tuition in tomorrow?s mail! I look forward to sharing the day with you. xo

A serving of Soul Food for your week

This week?s serving of Soul Food is related to compassion: self-compassion.

A recurrent theme I hear, both from beloved friends and beloved clients, is the mid-life theme of ?I thought I would?ve achieved more by now.? This takes many forms, including the form of ? I?ve been home with my kids for 15 years, and I just don?t know what I have to bring to the table for any paying job? or ?I?ve worked so hard on building my career/company/venture for decades and I?m dissatisfied with what I?ve achieved? or ?I?ve worked my ass off and now I?m just not clear on why. Have I wasted my ?good years???what does it all mean, anyways??

Any of those sound familiar?

Well, I?m certainly not going to pretend that I know ?what it all means? or that I have a crystal ball to look into any one person?s unique life path. But here?s what I do know, beyond any shadow of a doubt:
Achievement doesn?t arise from what we DO in this world; it comes from who we ARE as we live our lives.

This is akin to one of my fave quotes by Maya Angelou: ?I?ve learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel.?

It turns out that ?success? and ?achievement? are both an inside job. It turns out that you don?t need to build an empire, or receive a Nobel Peace Prize, to be a worthwhile human being. Your worth is inherent, and you simply need to embody the best, most loving self that you can muster up, in each moment of each day in whatever you?re doing. It won?t be perfect, but you?ve got plenty of company there (ie: all human beans). BE your best achievement!


The Power of Compassion with Kim Barthel

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 from 8:30 ? 4:30
Entre-Suites, 67 West Street, Medfield, MA
Event Fee: $197 (includes lunch)
Note: If interested, sign up today, as we?re limited to 50 students at this intimate event. Please note that all registrations are final (we are not able to reimburse you if you can?t attend the event).

The Event

Compassion is the empathic desire to alleviate suffering and it?s often thought of as the highest form of love. Compassion flows from the interconnectedness between humans and is inherent to any successful spiritual process. Not only is compassion part of the solution for psychological suffering, science is increasingly revealing that compassion rewires brainwave patterns which support our overall well-being. Compassion is directly linked to changes in physiological processes that improve our immune systems. Scientific evidence further highlights that self-compassion is critical in the management of stress and relationships. This one-day workshop illuminates the neurobiological phenomenon of compassion, and inspires us to engage in mindful compassionate practice for our own well-being as well as for the people around us.

Participants will develop an understanding of:

  • The connection between compassion and early childhood attachment.
  • The science of mindfulness and its impact upon the brain and the body?s physiology.
  • The impact of compassion upon our relational skills and interactions.
  • Everyday habits and mindful steps that enhance compassionate living.


We?ve chosen to host this event in an intimate setting to facilitate community and connection. This will allow for a focused and close experience of both the topic and our lovely (inside and out) Guide. This also means that we are already past 50% seating capacity for this event that was announced in May.
Your registration will be complete upon receipt of your tuition. If your check arrives and we?re at max capacity, we?ll simply return your check.
Please make checks out to Laurie Warren and mail to P.O. Box 545, Norfolk, MA 02056.
Email contact:

The Guide

Kim Barthel is a world-renowned teacher and occupational therapist, actively supporting multi-disciplinary function and healing in many cultures. A pioneer in reinforcing the importance of relationship in therapy and education, Kim is known for blending cutting-edge developments in neuroscience with the art of intuitive inquiry. She most often teaches on topics related to mental health, attachment, sensory processing, complex behaviour, addiction, autism, developmental disorders and trauma. To empower personal reflection, Kim recently co-authored the national best-seller ?Conversations with a Rattlesnake? with NHL hockey legend Theo Fleury. A GREAT read and an immensely instructive book, if you haven?t read it yet. And that?s only the highlights! Her mission is to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit. Yay! See why we HAD to invite her as our first scheduled event at Tribus?…and she?s coming all the way from British Columbia to join us! We?re excited to be hosting Kim for this special, intimate day of learning and connection. I?ve had a personal and professional relationship with Kim spanning a decade and she?s the real deal?a truly loving, inspiring, and brilliant woman.
Find Kim at,?@kimbarthelotr and Facebook: Kim Barthel


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