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January 6, 2020
Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program registration...closes today at noon! Plus two fun book events and some important info on your largest organ. Read on...

2020 is off and running. I remember being in college and saying to my friends, “Holy sh**, I’m going to be THIRTY-FOUR in the year 2000!” (Said with the tone of, “Geez, I’m going to have one foot in the grave by 2000!”) And here I am looking at “2020” on my calendar. Time certainly does fly when we’re having fun.


Body Sass: Cleanse Registration Closes TODAY at Noon EST


You know what else flies? Pounds. Inches. GunkyFeelings. These don’t necessarily fly in relation to time, but they often fly away in response to the serious BodyMindSpirit RE-SET that the Body Sass? Cleanse offers its participants. The Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program is on deck, starting this Saturday 1/11, and REGISTRATION CLOSES TUESDAY 1/7 AT 12:00 PM EST. Looking to feel better and bring your sweet bod through a clinically-created 21-day rejuvenation? This program is for YOU.

This wildly popular 21-day program is a go-to for Body Sass? Cleanse veterans. This program is the real deal, and folks come back to it again and again as a guidepost to their optimal health. Great news? You’ll never be hungry while you replete your body with the nutrients it’s craving. The food is AH-mazing! What are typical program results? You:

  • learn about how to plan for success with food, for the long haul.
  • make shifts in your ongoing relationship to food.
  • very likely will lose weight and gain energy.
  • reduce the toxic burden in your body.
  • encourage a re-set and recalibration in your digestion, hormones, metabolism, and more.

Ready? Set? REGISTER.

Self-care is important, and you’re worth it. I can’t wait to guide you through this ever-popular program that’s served thousands of happy participants over the last decade. Click HERE to join the party!


Wild World, Joyful Heart Book Events


How are you enjoying my new book Wild World, Joyful Heart? I’ve been so diggin’ traveling around and talking to folks about empowered well-being, and how health and joy is theirs for the having. Two events are coming up this week, if you’re local-ish to the Greater Boston area. I’d love to see you there!..

An Unlikely Story bookstore in Plainville, MA. Thursday, Jan. 9th at 6:30pm. This intimate, interview-style event is going to delight attendees, for sure. You can register for this FREE event HERE.

The Duxbury Free Library in Duxbury, MA. Thursday, Jan. 12th at 2:00pm. This Sunday Salon Series event will find us talking about health, joy, and the key to unlocking them. You can register for this FREE event HERE.

Of course, there will be books available for your procurement, and I’ll be available for signing. Hope to see you at one of these fun and empowering events!


Body Sass: Something SK-INteresting


Over my holiday break (which was FANtabulous) I was able to get into Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science. It was fascinating. Among other visual intriguements, I was reminded about the brilliance of our largest organ. Nope, not our brain (3rd largest). Nope, not our liver (2nd largest). Our SKIN.

Yes, your skin is an organ. It’s our largest and heaviest organ which, among other things:

  • Acts as a barrier to micro-organisms
  • Keeps us from drying out
  • Regulates our temperature
  • Provides us with info about our environment

…and is the only organ that directly interfaces with our environment. Which is all great and snazzy, except that folks miss the fact that our skin is like a giant mouth. Meaning, our skin absorbs things that then get incorporated into our body via our vascular system. Nutrients and chemicals that come into contact with our skin become part of our physiology. I was surprised the exhibit didn’t mention this, so decided to share it here.

This skin-as-giant-mouth concept can be great if you’re soaking in an Espom Salt bath; those minerals make our body happy! However, many of the personal care products we use contain creepy ingredients that make our body very sad. The average man uses 5-7 personal care products per day, while the average woman uses 9-12 and the average teenage girl uses SEVENTEEN. And there is very little regulation in place as to what companies can put in these products.

Given the skin-as-giant-mouth idea, this is pretty disturbing and the scores of chemical ingredients contained therein can greatly interfere with our Body Sass?. A great place to learn more and to search up on all kinds of personal care products that you’re using, and uncover how safe they are (or not), is the Skin Deep? Database at

Information can indeed be powerful. An easy way to get started is to search the database for your personal care products until you find one with a disturbing rating (won’t likely take long). Then, replace just that ONE product this month. Next month, search and replace another. Rinse and repeat.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love and Body Sass?,



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