Having a champion like Laurie Warren as a resource for me, my family, and my company is a gift. She is both a wealth of knowledge and a conduit for learning. With her innate curiosity and breadth of expertise, she opens up avenues of thinking that no medical doctor ever has for us. She isn’t interested in glory or notoriety; she is interested solely in the vitality of the human experience in body, mind & spirit. She shows up for her clients fully, and if she doesn’t feel she can offer guidance, she recommends a colleague that can help.

As a food and nutrition coach, Laurie is also superb. Food is such a hot button issue and she has a wonderful way of turning down the heat so that you can embrace her unique guidance. This has been exceptionally useful professionally. Her corporate training has made a big impact on my team’s health and wellbeing. By encouraging small manageable steps to form new habits around shopping, storing, preparing, and eating food, Laurie helps build a safe learning environment, so that you can become the healthy person you know you can be.