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October 11, 2016

I have lots to share with you today! First, did you miss me last week? (this is the part where you say ?yes!? 😉 I have been committed, for years, to delivering education, inspiration, and empowerment every week to this blog playground. And, I will continue with that intent. Here?s the small disclaimer: I may miss a week, here or there, because?.(drumroll)?I?m writing my first book!

I?m so excited about committing myself to this large project, and have already experienced impatience with the time & care it takes to create something that I can feel good about putting out into the world. Last week, I was deep into a wrestling match with my book, and I sent the blog to wait patiently in the corner until this week.

Thank you for all of your requests and nudging over the years for me to get started on The Great Book Adventure. That?s not what I would?ve called it last week, but that?s the project?s name. Yes, I name just about everything?and freely make up words as I go along?you?ve likely noticed that.

The Holidays are 6 Weeks Away

OMG?right?!!? There?s that ?march of time? thing again. Anyhoo, hopefully that didn?t up-end you too much, but there?s a reason I?m pointing that out?

NOW is a GREAT time to embark on a Body Sass? Cleanse Journey! You have plenty of time for prep, and then for your 21-day fantabulous healthy journey. This gives you a re-set BEFORE you enter ?the holiday eating extravaganza.? Most folks find that this pre-holiday cleanse actually helps them be more mindful with their choices during the holidays, because they enter them feeling so awesome. So, a pre-holiday Cleanse is a great re-set AND helps inform your choices from Thanksgiving to New Year?s. It?s a huge leg-up!

Sign up between now and October 25th, and I?ll gift you access to a video training, at the end of your Cleanse, that will help you transition seamlessly to the ?New Normal? that will best support your vibrant health. That?s additional education for FREE. Woot woot!

We?re Too Hard on Ourselves

Writing a book, for me, involves a lot of ?sideline writing.? Writing that isn?t necessarily PART of the book, but helps INFORM the book. The photo that accompanies this post is writing that came out of me about 10 days ago, and I thought it might help YOU, starting today, be easier on yourself and take the pressure off. We can often be so hard on ourselves! (And yes, when I?m writing by hand, I write in color. I have a deep love of color?it makes me super happy!)

Here is the message?again, in case you don?t feel like scrolling up to the picture?

You are directionally correct. Everything you choose to explore is creating you.
See the beauty there!
You can?t get it wrong. You?ll never get it done. You are already perfectly imperfect. It?s never wrong to be exactly who you are.
Allow Joy.

I invite you to soak in those words. Maybe read it a few times over the coming days and allow it to soften our too-often idea that we?re not enough. Our entire culture and marketing supports this idea?that we?re not enough. What if YOU ALREADY ARE ENOUGH?!! There?s a lot I could say, but instead I?ll let this speak to you in whatever way is right for YOU.

I?d love to hear your thoughts below!

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With love & joy,


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