Sweet Potato Heaven Recipe for Thanksgiving Food Sass

November 3, 2015
If you want to be the rock star of Thanksgiving dinner, or any potluck gathering, try this interesting take on sweet potatoes. The sour of lemon provides a great foil for the sweet of the potatoes. Heaven on a plate and, of course, nutrient-dense!

Good morning!

I promise you that the calendar is not lying. It really is November!

Thanksgiving is still many weeks away, but sometimes it?s nice to plan ahead. Therefore today?s post is all about some Thanksgiving Food Sass?!

I have a fantabulous recipe for Sweet Potato Heaven. It goes GREAT with turkey, is sassy, and is patiently waiting for you HERE on my website. Or you can simply click the picture below to get there.

In addition to some sassy Thanksgiving food, I am also taking the opportunity to remind you that you can get a shot of Create Vibrant Health® LIVE, in live stream interactive video, 5 days a week for November. Periscope, bayBEEEE! I’ve committed to myself (and to my video/Periscope coach) that I will try out this social media platform in earnest for one month, and then assess if it’s a good fit. Come join me!

Simply download the App (owned by Twitter, so need to create a Twitter account), follow me @LaurieWarren12, and then you?ll get notified when I?m live. Doesn?t end up being a good time for you? No problemo!…the replay is available for 24 hours!

Speaking of which, a client, friend & colleague recently took in some of my Scopes last week. She particularly loved one of them—and in a cool move, took a quote from my Periscope talk, put it on a pretty background, and emailed it to me! This Create Vibrant Health® community (all of YOU), as I have mentioned many times, ROCKS. Check this out:

“The most healing thing we can offer to someone in pain is our mindful presence.”

Yep, managed to work in a little Soul Food, for ya, too!

The food you eat builds your body, every day, for better or for worse.

With love & root veggie fondness,


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