Start the New Year with a Cleanse plus 5 key mindset shifts

January 3, 2023
Why do we feel “off” after the holidays? Learn why a cleanse will improve digestion, energy, mental clarity, sleep and weight. Plus 5 mindset tips to rock 2023.

Flipping into a New Year can be fun; feeling lousy is decidedly less fun. Let’s explore why that happens, what we can do about it, and mindset shifts that will support our well-being for 2023 and beyond.


Compound errors


If you’ve ever worked on a construction or home-improvement project, you likely know about the concept of compound errors. If your first measurement is off, and your next measurement is taken from that off-measurement, you’ve compounded the initial error. In any system, one inaccuracy or malfunction affects the functioning of other areas.

This is also true in us, as organisms.

Many of us consume food and drink that promote imbalances in our body, all year. During the holidays, this typically increases, adding insult to injury in a system already under physiological stress.

Empty carbs (includes sugar), alcohol and heavily processed foods create imbalances in our biochemistry, our digestion and our hormones. They also increase the workload for our liver, a mighty organ involved in over 500 metabolic processes in our body. As you well know, overload leads to things not done well and duties slipping through the cracks. This is true for our liver, as well. Hence, our toxic load increases.

Meanwhile, more is added to our to-do plate during the holidays. The stress we felt before the holidays now multiplies. The chronic release of stress hormones impedes digestion, immunity, blood sugar balance and thyroid function. These changes in stress levels, food and drink also affect brain function and sleep.

Eventually, the entire body, brain and emotions become affected by all of this hoopla. It creeps up over time, with a big increase at year-end. We just don’t feel right. Not like we need to go to the hospital, but….BLECH. It’s not all in your head. A rebalance is being requested.

And all of THAT is exactly why people come back to The Body Sass® Cleanse again and again, especially in January. What, exactly, is the Body Sass® Cleanse?


A powerful program awaits


The Body Sass® Cleanse supports your detox organs in releasing toxic burden, while nourishing your sweet bod with nutrients via clean eating. The results? A powerful rebalancing of systems and a reset for your whole self. Participants typically report:

  • Lost body fat and inches
  • Boosted energy
  • Improved digestive health
  • Rediscovery of restful sleep
  • Cleared brain fog
  • Increased libido
  • Reduced hormonal symptoms
  • And so much more!

“I’ve never experienced anything like this program. Not only did I get significant weight and health changes in just 3 weeks, but I felt motivated and empowered to keep it going. I wasn’t willing to let go of how good I felt, and was taught the tactics and mindset so I didn’t have to. This program changed my life.”  ~ Brenda M.

You can learn everything you need to know about this kickass program HERE. Registration closes next Tuesday 1/10! Get registered so you don’t miss out.

A key part of the Cleanse is food. Equally key is training in habits, prep and mindset. Because most everything is all about mindset.


5 Mindset shifts for a kick*ss 2023


I proposed in my book Wild World, Joyful Heart that our mind is the bridge or the barrier to all that we desire. Whether we’re yearning for health, stress, wealth, joy, love, adventure, inner peace, happiness…or anything else…the central player is our mind.

As such, I kicked off my 2023 creative posting on Instagram and Facebook with 5 Mindset shifts for a kick*ss 2023:

  1. Pursue progress, not success.
  2. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, including yourself.
  3. It’s not lack of time that’s your challenge. It’s prioritizing well within the time you have.
  4. Lead with your Heart. Everyone can feel it. Especially you.
  5. How YOU are is how your relationships, and the rest of your life, will be. Get right with yourself and the rest follows suit.

A coaching group on Instagram asked me which of those 5 is my favorite. Good question! I’d have to say #5 because the other 4 all have to do with getting right with yourself. Indeed, the premise of Wild World, Joyful Heart is that if more people get right with themselves, the world has a better chance at getting stitched back together.

So there you are. Three do-able ways to reclaim your health and well-being this year:

  1. Register for the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program.
  2. Create some powerful mindset shifts, selecting from the 5 outlined above.
  3. Read (and put into practice) Wild World, Joyful Heart.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, rich in health, joy and empowered well-being.

With love,


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