Rock your Food Sass? with simplicity.

April 25, 2017
Learn how to have MORE meal satisfaction in LESS time, by leaving food perfection behind, and using these simple tricks for your meal planning.

I hope you?re having a fantabulous spring. I got out and played in my gardens this past weekend, and I swear that the smell of dirt is one of the best smells on the planet. Yummy!

Speaking of yummy, I have another yummy story that might be more up your alley than breathing in dirt scent 🙂 I was on the phone with one of my coaching clients last week, and she was lamenting that living a Food Sass? lifestyle can feel hard sometimes. Agreed! Let?s take a closer look?

I?ve found that, most often, when someone is feeling this ?time/energy vs. eating well? conundrum (I love that word!), it?s usually because they?re trying too hard to have perfect food, and/or they?re forgetting that there are some amazingly simple Food Sass? meals to be had that don?t include recipes. So first, please remember that perfection is not the goal; talk about taking the fun out of food! Next, please know that that there are many, many super-easy ways to eat health-building, tasty food. For instance?

This past weekend I had a teeny amount of time between a son?s basketball game, and meeting up with a friend, on Friday night. I saut?ed some spinach in avocado oil, put some diced avocado on the warm spinach, drizzled extra-virgin olive oil on top and then sprinkled the whole thing with Celtic sea salt and black pepper. It took me about 4 minutes to make it (yes, I actually timed myself). I also had a Sweet Potato Pie Shake in the fridge that I took to the table with me, but I didn?t end up drinking any of it, as I was pretty full after that meal.

?Laurie Warren, how can that be?!? It was just vegetables!?

Here?s the thing. There are three things that help us feel satiated (full; satisfied) after a meal: fats, fiber, and protein. Well, there?s actually a fourth, called ?overeating,? but I don?t recommend that one 😉
In that meal, I had plenty of healthy fats: avocado oil, olive oil, and there are fats in avocado. And, all veggies are blessed with lots of fiber, and avocado is one of the highest-fiber foods you can eat. This is one reason why it?s important to include fats and/or protein each time you eat. Satiety, baby!

Now, I was only cooking for myself that night, and if I?d been cooking for my family, I likely would?ve also likely thrown some chicken on the grill, so the whole thing would?ve taken more like 15 minutes for a family. Still a pretty small time investment!

Food Sass? recipes are fun, and there are plenty to be found here on my blog, or on my Food Sass? for FREE page. AND I invite you to get creative with Food Sass? ?easy meals? like the one mentioned above. Less work and plenty o? sass!

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With love & conundrum solutions,


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