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August 31, 2021
How does food affect our health? Why is experience such a powerful motivator? What can you do to rejuvenate your health? All this and more.

What I’ve heard many times in the last week: “I heard that The Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program is open for registration and I’m interested, but also am on the fence and/or have some questions.” If you can relate, and/or are needing a post-summer health re-set, read on!

As an eternally curious person, I love questions! And today’s post is all about filling you in on what The Body Sass® Group Program can do for you. If you’re already IN (mentally), and forgot to register, you can check that box HERE. The program is officially open for registration until Tuesday, Sep 7 at midnight.
Program runs from Saturday, Sep 11 – Friday, Oct 1.

So, back to questions. Last week’s post provided a first round of info, and now let’s check out some further illumination and a few client stories.


Why does food matter?


Every minute of every day, we build 300 million new cells A MINUTE. Holy shnikes! No wonder we’re tired at the end of the day. Our body’s masterful cell renewal process requires building materials, of which there are three: oxygen (check!), water (80+ oz/day) and FOOD. We CAN build a body with Ring Dings and beer, but those brand-spanky-new 300 million cells a minute come out much stronger and healthier when supplied with whole, nutrient-dense foods.

We, quite literally, build our body with food. And, as a deeply multi-faceted being, food doesn’t just affect our physical body. Food affects our mental/emotional health, our sleep, and so much more.

Reading this game-changing intel is one thing. EXPERIENCING IT is quite another. This is where client stories—stories from the thousands of Cleanse participants who have come before you—come in. What do Body Sass® Cleanse participants experience?


Why do people LOVE the Cleanse?


In a word, The Body Sass® Cleanse allows you to EXPERIENCE what more nutrients and less toxins can do for your body, while also giving you a precise map for how to keep a good thing going. It provides you with the opportunity to not only engage with a serious health re-set, but also the experience and the information to create a you-specific “New Normal.”

“After some unsettling blood test results, my husband and I did the Body Sass® Cleanse, and knocked our doctor’s socks off (and ours) with the results on a re-test 3 short weeks later. In addition to such a drastic internal change, we completely changed our eating habits—9 years and counting—and enjoy more energy, skin that looks 10 years younger, and healthy weight. We’ll do this program again and again and we recommend it to everyone we love!”

~ Michaela and Dave J.

“I can’t say enough about the Body Sass® Cleanse program. As a menopausal woman in my late 50’s, I’m at my high school weight for the first time in 40 years! I didn’t think that was possible. I feel healthy, energetic, mentally focused, and, best of all….educated on how to maintain the health wins I’ve gained. Laurie’s vast experience, deep desire to help and compassion come through in this program, and in everything she does. I’m thrilled!”

~ Michelle R.

“This program is like nothing you’ve done before and works in ways you can’t imagine. Not only did I lose pounds around my middle, but my mind feels clear in a whole new way, and my emotional state is calm and even. I also experienced food in a way that will serve me for the long haul. Not that I’ll always choose perfect foods, but that I have a real-life framework to more often choose foods that make me healthy. This program was pivotal for me. An experience AND an education.”

~ Bill M.

Feeling good feels good! And it is also a serious motivator for creating meaningful, lasting change that supports good health and a right-sized body..for the long haul. The word most often used by Cleanse participants to describe the program? POWERFUL.


A Powerful Program


The Body Sass® Cleanse programming and support have been fine-tuned—over more than a decade—to meet you where you are, and to guide you toward feeling better. This powerful program is a game-changer indeed, both as one-time re-set, and as a guidepost that you can return to over time, to course-correct when your Health Journey gets off track. Ready to join us?

Register for the Body Sass® Cleanse today to commit to YOUR BEST-FEELING SELF and reclaim your health and well-being.


Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love and program joy,


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