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August 24, 2021
The Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program is at your service! Learn more how this powerful program can help you reclaim your health.

The time has come.

As promised, the powerful and ever-popular Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program is now officially open for registration. Registration will close on Tuesday, Sep 7 at midnight. The autumn 2021 running of this biannual program, which offers a deep re-set for your health and well-being, will be from Saturday, Sep 11 – Friday, Oct 1.

More details follow. I’ve received many emails from folks who are already chompin’ at the bit for this program to get started, so if you’re already ALL IN, you can REGISTER HERE.
Want to learn more? Read on.


What is the Body Sass® Cleanse?


The Body Sass® Cleanse is a 21-day clean eating program that supports your body in recalibrating while detoxification organs are offered extra support. Many have turned to the solo version of this Cleanse during the pandemic to boost their immunity and physical resilience. Indeed, it’s a three-week journey that provides a serious re-set, while educating and empowering you to feel better, for life!

  • Lose body fat
  • Improve your immunity
  • Boost your energy and metabolism
  • Enjoy restful sleep and improved mental focus

This program has rocked over 1,000 health-seekers’ worlds in over a decade, and it can rock YOUR world too, by supporting you in five key areas.


Five Focus Areas to Reclaim Your Health



Remove food and drink that are barriers to well-being: common dietary allergens, commercially processed food, grains, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar.


Nourish your whole being with delicious nutrient-dense foods, scrumptious shakes, and plenty of clean water. Provide nutrients and phytochemicals to fortify and rebuild your body.


Create new habits that support long-term body fat loss and maintenance, improved energy and new frontiers in your health and well-being.


Evolve your relationship with food in a way nourishes your body and satisfies your taste buds, while supporting your health and joy.


Transition into your New Normal—Day 22 and beyond—using the Food Sass® 80/20 rule, new habits created, and all that you’ve learned during the 21 days. Health for life!

Heard enough and ready to commit to your better health? Register HERE.
Or maybe you’re interested in what program participants experience. Let’s explore…


What Are Common Results?


Each participant experiences a unique program journey, depending on their health status, hormone balance and biochemical makeup. What might YOU notice after 21 days?


Common physical results include:                

  • Weight and inches lost
  • Improve energy
  • Reduce hormone symptoms
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Improve skin appearance
  • Better libido
  • Improve sleep quality

Common health improvements include:

  • Improve immunity
  • Improve digestion/reduce bloating
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce/eliminate headaches
  • Improve lipid profile
  • Improve insulin and thyroid function
  • Improve mental focus & acuity


This program is a game-changer indeed, both as one-time re-set, and as a guidepost that you can return to over time, to course-correct when your Health Journey gets off track.

AND, as offered last autumn, the 28toGreat™ 28-Day Intermittent Fasting Program will start the day after the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program ends, affording you SEVEN WEEKS of support and game-changing education, habits and health shifts. If you are NEW to these programs and you’d like to REGISTER FOR BOTH PROGRAMS up front, please contact me to register with a $25 discount! (You can learn more about 28toGreat™ HERE.)

Register for the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program today to commit to YOU and reclaim your health and well-being.


Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®
With love and program joy,


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