Re-set your body and feel better in January.

December 10, 2019
Does your body need a re-set? If you're ready for recalibration, weight loss, energy increase, and improving your relationship to food, this post is for YOU!

It’s that time of year. The holidays, yes….but I’ll get to that in a sec. It’s that time of year (likely directly related to the holidays) when folks are not feeling so sassy in their sweet bod. We often feel like we’ve been eating too much…too much of things that don’t serve us, specifically. Our clothes aren’t fitting right and we just feel…gunked up. Like we need a re-set. A recalibration for our body, our mind, and our relationship with food.


The Body Sass? Cleanse is exactly that re-set and recalibration that you’re looking for. This wildly popular 21-day program is a go-to for hundreds of folks who have reaped the benefits of making this program part of their health tools. The email requests for “Cleanse-to-the-Rescue” have been rolling in this last week. You can do a solo Body Sass? Cleanse anytime you like (except it’s not really solo, because I’m with you every step of the way). And, twice a year, I run the ever-popular GROUP cleanse. Drum roll….

The next Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program runs from Jan 11 – Jan 31, 2020. You can find out more HERE. What are typical program results? You:

  • will never be hungry and will eat satisfying, delicious food and drink nutrient-dense shakes.
  • will learn about how to plan for success with food, for the long haul.
  • will make shifts in your ongoing relationship to food.
  • will very likely lose weight and gain energy.
  • will reduce the toxic burden in your body.
  • will encourage a re-set and recalibration in your body’s function, hormones, metabolism, and more.

?But of COURSE I love this program. I’ve benefitted from it personally and have spent over a decade perfecting the program, professionally. So let’s hear from participants! Here are two 2019 emails from folks completing the Body Sass? Cleanse:?

“My body really needed a reset. I’d been very generous to myself around the holidays. I have three fingers with substantial bone on bone arthritis that ache constantly, and?after the Body Sass? Cleanse, they currently feel good/normal. My skin looks great, and I just feel good. I tried new recipes and liked them all but also see now how eating well is do-able. There are many parts of what I?ve learned that will simply become lifestyle for me.”

– Marietta

“I lost pounds and inches (a whole pant size!) and it?s amazing how after the first 5 days, this program starts to feel effortless. I feel so damn good! My energy is outstanding and my clarity amazing. I focused on getting long-term food tactics down pat while learning simple preparations with seasonal vegetables and creative recipes in large batches for my freezer. This program is top-notch and unlike anything I?ve ever participated in before.”

– Kelly


Maybe your story is next! If you’re ready for a top-notch, clinically-created health program where you experience results in three short weeks AND engage in an education to serve you for life, this is it. And I’m excited to guide your way! Registration opens on December 30th and closes on January 7th at noon. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you!

In the meantime, are you feeling challenged by the holidays? Too many balls in the air? Is the JOY getting sucked out of the season, for you? I invite you to fall into the arms of THIS blog post, which is read and re-read by the Create Vibrant Health community (that’s you!). Put the happy back in your holidays!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love and Body Sass?,



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