to reclaim your health and well-being

Wild World, Joyful Heart is the ultimate inspirational guidebook for empowered well-being.

Unlock your power for optimal health and joy—body, mind and spirit. This book weaves science, humor and relatable storytelling to deliver an empowerment book that is also fun to read (or listen to). Wild World, Joyful Heart delivers education and inspiration, while also providing do-able takeaways—an approach that supports the you in guiding your own health and healing journey from a place of empowered ACTION. This book masterfully explores a wide range of well-being topics with both depth and accessibility.

Wild World, Joyful Heart


65 tasty, healthy recipes are served up, alongside tips on building health with FOOD.

Our food choices can either build or compromise our health. Making choices for health becomes easy with this educational eRecipebook that covers juicing, smoothies, breakfast, snacks, salads, soups, main dishes and sweets. The recipes in Food Sass® for Vibrant Health are GF, low/no sugar and very minimal dairy. Each section begins with information on how to evolve your food lifestyle toward delicious and healthy—a Food Sass® Lifestyle—while providing ideas to streamline healthy eating.

Note: If you are a BetterHealth Journey™ or 28toGreat™ client, you already have this eRecipebook!

Food Sass® eRecipebook


Enjoy nutritional supplements in a form that your body recognizes and can assimilate.

The quality and bioavailability (ie: can my body use it?) of nutritional supplements varies widely, and more of a nutrient is not always better. When a client needs extra nutritional support, I suggest specific supplements and brands; accessible, high-quality nutrients means money well-spent, instead of wasted. Two of the many brands I recommend are available only through qualified practitioners (like moi)—Nutriplex and Standard Process/Medi-Herb—to ensure qualified clinical guidance.

Nutritional Supplements

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The Insiders Guide to Health and Weight Loss eBook: 8 Keys to Reclaim Your Well-Being

Get empowered around your health and well-being, for life (double meaning intended).

The human organism is hard-wired for healing, and The Insider’s Guide to Health and Weight Loss will support you in reclaiming your health and well-being. Learn about the main drains on your ability to FEEL GOOD, and how you can avoid or minimize them. Uncover the main tenets for evolving your health, weight and overall well-being, alongside some tools that will support that endeavor. This FREE ebook includes a link to a follow-up (FREE) ebook that digs even deeper, providing a two-part training on health, weight loss and well-being.



Release toxic burden and nourish your body to create a whole new level of health.

The Body Sass® Cleanse 21-day program has served thousands of people in resetting their body and mind, while reclaiming their health and well-being, in measures large and small. The FREE ebook The Power of Clean helps you understand how the body gets gunked up and what you can do about it. We explore how clean eating and supporting the body’s natural detox functions can reset your health in a way that program participants call “miraculous.” You are also provided with a blueprint to do a 5-day reset on your own.

Cleanse and Reset Ebook


Create a do-able and delicious food lifestyle that effortlessly right-sizes your body.

The 28toGreat™ Program powerfully combines 16:8 intermittent fasting with flexibly healthy food choices to jumpstart and support your health and weight loss. The FREE ebook Timing Matters explains the importance of food choices and how you can create a do-able Food Sass® lifestyle that still includes wine, chocolate and potato chips. We also explore intermittent fasting (IF) and why it’s so powerful for weight loss, healing insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances, and reigniting cellular signaling.



Expand your understanding and application of Wild World, Joyful Heart with this discussion guide.

Book discussion guides can bring our grasp of concepts—and ability to implement those concepts—to a whole new level. Read and discuss Wild World, Joyful Heart with your work team, family or group of friends. Explore how to reclaim your health and well-being. Uncover how to support health, develop stress resilience and create a mindful-relating culture in your group or organization. And more. This FREE discussion guide provides in-depth questions for each chapter, as well as closing thoughts on how you or your group might get started on your empowered well-being journey.