Prevent Stress and Burnout with Blissful Digital Detox

June 17, 2019
It's time for a digital detox. This important health habit helps to prevent stress and burnout by giving us a much-needed break from the constant attention demands of our technology devices. Learn all about the bliss of a digital detox!

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I’m thinking that in my 7/2 newsletter, I’ll run a cover design comparison vote! Would you like to participate? Comment below if you think that would be fun. In other news…

You know what’s not fun? Feeling thinly-spread and overwhelmed. Burnout is becoming a more prevalent issue and today I’d like to share one simple habit you can create to reduce overwhelm and bring more focus and clarity into your mind. That one tip?

Take regular digital detox breaks.

What Is a Digital Detox?

A digital detox is when we immerse ourselves in life outside of a screen for a set period of time. This means no TV, smart phone, Apple watch, or computer. A digital detox is extra good for us when we do it with others. Encouraging and modeling breaks from the screen is important for today’s parents – good for the parents and the kids!

What’s the Science?

A recent study outlines that American adults spend more then 11 hours per day on their technology devices. And we’ve let in this pervasive drain on our time without questioning if we want it, if we need it, and if it’s really making our lives better.

Science is pointing to many body and mind issues from this – from an evolutionary standpoint – overnight change in how we live our lives. Constant headaches, eyestrain, poor posture resulting in back and neck problems, poor sleep quality, reduced focus and productivity, increased narcissism, low self-worth, and weaker social bonds are all on the list of effects from our technology addiction. Yes, it’s an addiction for many!

What Can a Digital Detox Do For Me?

A digital detox positively affects many, many aspects of our well-being. Five of my favorites are:

  1. More connection to the humans around us. We make more eye contact, relaxing into conversations with others with improved markers of empathy.
  2. Better conversations. As helpful as Google can be, it’s a total buzz kill for intriguing conversation. With a digital detox, we can’t look up the answer on Google, which can lead to both interesting conversation and getting to know the way other people’s minds work.
  3. Deeper and more efficient sleep. Hooray! Without looking at blue light, especially before bed, our brain can release the proper hormones needed for restful, efficient sleep.
  4. Improved memory. When we are more present to ourselves, and to conversations with others, we’re more mindful of nuances that would normally go unnoticed. Our brain seems to process and store new information more easily.
  5. Better productivity. Getting “in the flow” and working productively is impossible with constant distraction by notifications from our technology. To me, better productivity also means more relaxation time!

In addition to all that, this detox provides us a needed break from social media. We’re often documenting (taking pictures) of even the smallest of life happenings to share on social media. We’re so busy trying to capture the moment that we miss the moment. A digital detox relieves us of the pressure to document and share – and to instead live in the moment and notice the not-usually-noticed.?

How to Do a Digital Detox

We’ve become so attached/addicted to our technology that it can be good to start small. Especially for the Gen Z generation, as studies have shown that our youth actually become anxious when separated from their smart phone. Yikes! It’s important that your notifications are silenced during detox. We’ve been trained, like Pavlov’s dogs, to grab our phone/computer and check it when we hear a notification. Leaving notifications on will simply create stress, instead of a blissful detox. This means no sound, including vibration. Completely off and silent.

You can start with daily 30 minute detoxes. Over the weeks, you can increase the length of time and/or the number of breaks you give yourself a day. This becomes part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or eating a delicious, nutrient-dense breakfast (wink).?

You can up the ante with 1/2 day, full day, or weekend digital detoxes. It’s amazing how much more slow and intentional life can feel without a little device constantly pestering us for attention. Give it a go, and I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below.

Don’t get me wrong; technology is helpful for many things. That said, as a society we need to learn how to moderate our use of technology so that it doesn’t become a barrier to our well-being. We need to rule our technology, as opposed to our technology ruling us.

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With love and Mind Savvy?,



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