Our Stories: Truth or Fiction?

May 17, 2016
One of the most powerful resources that you have at your disposal to shape your health, joy, and life experience is your MIND. Do you really want 98% of this power to be made up of fictional stories that compromise your ability to create health & joy? Of course not?

One of the most powerful resources you have at your disposal to shape your health, joy, and life experience is your magnificent MIND. And, our non-conscious mind has 96-98% of the control over our perception and behavior, and therefore our life experience, while our conscious mind has a measly 2-4% control over those faculties. Holy Queen/King of Influence, Batman! Yet, our thoughts, particularly the non-conscious, habitual ones we call ?beliefs,? shape our lives…from the health of our physical body, to our relationships, to our ability to live from our heart-centered greatness. Pretty important stuff!

Today?s Mind Savvy? edition of Create Vibrant Health? is in the ?relationship? department of all that power. And it?s about our most important relationship: the one with ourselves.

We all, each and every one of us, tell ourselves stories, every day. We become attached to these stories, regardless of whether they are truth or fiction, and regardless of whether or not the stories serve our health & joy. Why do we become attached? Because they?re OUR stories, as seen through our tiny little refracted lens of the world, and we?ve repeated them in our mind until they become a belief in how we see ourselves and others.

Now, if that story is an awesome-sauce one, like ?I?m a fantabulous presence of love & joy, and I?m making a positive contribution to our planet? well then ROCK ON wit? yo? bad self and keep on looking through that heart-shaped lens of Truth!

However, most of our stories sound more like this?
?My neighbor is so mean. They are always trying to aggravate me.?
?I am overweight and unattractive.?
?My life is so hard.?
?No matter what I do, I never have enough money.?
?I?m too busy to eat well.?
?My mother/son/friend/spouse/etc is always upsetting me.?
Et cetra. Ad nauseum.

Feeling triggered yet? This is a loaded subject, because we love, love, love our fictional stories, even if they make us feel awful. It?s like we hug our own little private creation so close, that we can?t actually see that we?re hugging a monster!

How to let go of those stories?

It?s a ?practice.? Meaning, it?s something that we work with over time, as opposed to ?eat a strawberry, stand on your right foot, and shout ?terrorizing fictional story, BE GONE!? Don?t ask. I have no idea where that came from. The point is, however, that there?s no quick fix.

Here?s how to get started:

  1. Start to notice the thought, when it comes up: ?Ah-ha! I?m noticing you, Mr. ?My life is so hard? belief!?
    This alone diffuses the power of the non-serving thought.
  2. Create a bit of SPACE, like a few DEEP breaths.
    (click HERE to see that video)
  3. Create a new story to replace it.
    ?My life is full of both challenges and joy. I am so grateful to be here.? Say it out loud, even! (maybe not in the line at the bank)
  4. Rinse and repeat.
    Over and over and over, each time the story comes up?until you create new ?groove? (literal and figurative) in the record in your mind (your non-conscious mind) that creates your life experience.

Over time, the lens you?re looking at your life through will morph from a dark, yucky one to a clear, positive one. In comes more Light. You?ll move from fiction to fact. And it will affect YOU on every level of your being, and it will affect OTHERS by the radiative effect of your peace with yourself. Yay!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & happy story-time,


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