YOUR Health and Well-Being

is our shared goal.

I help busy people get healthier and feel better on all levels of their being—body, mind and spirit.

Working one-to-one with you, I utilize my robust toolkit of integrative nutrition, functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry, mindfulness, bioenergetic healing, herbalism and wisdom traditions.

We meet via phone or Zoom (your choice!) and follow the thread of your particular well-being needs. My unique approach to health, weight loss, healing, stress resilience and soul expression offers you a safe harbor in which to learn, heal and evolve.


Ditch the frustration.
Enter the No-Judgement Zone.
Reclaim your health and well-being.

I’m a woman, on a mission, with a plan.

Our framework to support your well-being journey is my 5-step Empowered Well-Being Plan:

This time-tested process guides us in uncovering and articulating your plan. From there, I help you get organized around that plan, and when the body/mind resists, we pivot the plan or get busy removing internal barriers.

Clinical Guidance

You want to lose body fat, heal physical imbalances and improve your health. Although I work with a wide range of physical imbalances—heart disease, cancer, and chronic inflammation to name a few—my areas of specialty are healthy eating, digestive health, blood sugar balance (navigating/healing diabetes), bone health, adrenal health and weight loss.

Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching

You are looking to develop stress resilience, mindfulness and/or a more soul-directed life experience. Using a unique blend of science, mindfulness, psychology and subtle systems work, I guide and support you in feeling calmer, happier and more YOU, while you reclaim the meaning and vibrancy in your life experience.

Nutrition Jumpstart

You’d like to improve your nutrition. Maybe you have questions about supplements, food choices or food timing—or maybe all of that. During this one-hour appointment, we work together to outline some targeted, do-able shifts in your nutrition choices to better support your health and well-being. Education and empowerment!

The All-in 6-Month Program

The powerful BetterHealth Journey™ program starts with the flagship 21-day Body Sass® Cleanse program. You then transition to a clinical and coaching relationship that is unique to you and to your particular health and well-being needs. A unique mixture of programming and personal meetings supports your transformational journey. Learn more HERE.

20-Minute Discovery Call

Not sure which is right for you? Book your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call today, and we’ll figure it out together.

Clinical Experiences

Those who have gone before you say it the best.

  • Laurie breaks down the complexity of nutrition, health and stress into easily digestible sound bites, and is solely focused on foundational healing, instead of band-aiding symptoms.

    Steve T.

  • Having a champion like Laurie Warren as a resource for me, my family, and my company is a gift. She is both a wealth of knowledge and a conduit for learning. With her innate curiosity and breadth of expertise, she opens up avenues of thinking that no medical doctor ever has for us. She isn’t interested in glory or notoriety; she is interested solely in the vitality of the human experience in body, mind & spirit. She shows up for her clients fully, and if she doesn’t feel she can offer guidance, she recommends a colleague that can help.

    As a food and nutrition coach, Laurie is also superb. Food is such a hot button issue and she has a wonderful way of turning down the heat so that you can embrace her unique guidance. This has been exceptionally useful professionally. Her corporate training has made a big impact on my team's health and wellbeing. By encouraging small manageable steps to form new habits around shopping, storing, preparing, and eating food, Laurie helps build a safe learning environment, so that you can become the healthy person you know you can be.

    Monique A.

  • When I began working with Laurie, I had some clear goals: lose weight, gain health and jump-start my fitness routine. I’ve been a personal trainer for most of my life, so I’m usually the one who inspires others, but this time I was the one needing help. I got it, and then some! I lost 21 pounds in the first 3 weeks, and soon began feeling like I was living in someone else’s body. My energy levels sky-rocketed, chronic inflammation disappeared, and snoring became a thing of the past. Laurie’s deep expertise is perfectly complimented by her trustworthy and compassionate nature. She’s the real deal.

    Jay Z.

Your Success story is next!

Book your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call

We are hard-wired for healing.

Whole-person health and well-being is a life journey of following the thread and taking action.