New Year, napping, and intentions

January 1, 2019
Yes, in truth the earth has just completed another revolution on its axis - this is true. AND, what a fun opportunity to grease the skids for living with intention.

Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve had peaceful and enjoyable holidays and that you have a day today to simply relax and spend time with people and activities that you enjoy (which may include napping).

The contrarian part of me sometimes thinks that the whole hoopla around New Years can seem a bit goofy. I mean, nothing really happens at midnight, other than we move from one day of sunlight to the next. The earth has completed another revolution on its axis. It’s not really much different than any other shift from one day to another, except that the human-made calendar says that it’s the beginning of a new year.

That said, there’s something fun and new-feeling about the turn of the calendar year. I especially love that New Years can provide us with a reminder to think about our intentions. Most often, I take some time to reflect and ask myself questions, such as:

  • Am I inhabiting my days, and relating to myself and others, in a way that brings more heath, peace and joy to the world around me?
  • Are my heart and mind aligned?
  • Am I mindful of leading with compassion when I don’t understand or I’m scared or I’m angry or when someone or something is challenging for me?
  • Where could I be more generous – with my actions and with my mind?
  • What do I want to manifest in 2019?

These questions are all related, for me, and will likely look different than questions other people ask themselves. The key is, what are our personal intentions for this life we live, and are we thinking and acting in a way that supports those intentions? It’s a fun thought thread and I invite you to play with it if you feel drawn to engaging in some juicy reflection. Maybe right after a good old-fashioned nap!

And on this day when some of us are feeling a little “gunked up” from holiday eating and drinking, one intention might be to be more mindful of self-care. A good way to start that kind of intention is with a re-set that provides you with the framework to create some new habits around food lifestyle. This is your friendly seven-days-and-counting reminder to get yourself registered for the January 2019 21-day Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program, on deck to support your post-holiday health re-set.

The Program runs Jan 12 – Feb 1, 2108.
Registration is OPEN and will END next Tuesday 1/8 at 12 noon ET.
Lose weight, gain energy, and enjoy better health with this 21-day jumpstart by registering HERE.

Happy New Year. I invite you to come back to my blog and site throughout 2019 for ideas, insights and programs to support your Health Journey – body, mind, and spirit.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love & joyful intentions,


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