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January 19, 2021
Recognizing and honoring our shared humanity can be difficult when emotions run high. When we disagree about key issues. Yet is IS possible.

Our shared humanity is a powerful binding force. We’re wired for it and it serves us well when we remember to honor it. Sometimes that can feel hard. Today’s post explores that a bit and prior to that, some fun news is coming your way.


Health Journey High-Fives


A big shoutout to all the participants that are currently rocking the January 2021 Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program! This go-round of the Cleanse had record registrations and an unusually high number of “mini-groups.” Friends, family or colleagues that register together. This offers them a triple-layer of support: from me, from the entire group of participants, and from their mini-group. One mother and daughter joined, who live on opposite sides of the U.S., and the daughter sent her mom an Alexa unit so they could cook on video together! Now that’s some serious planning-for-success action. This is Day 12 for the group, so high-fives for staying committed and engaged…you’re past the half-way point!

Also, a thank you and congratulations to the 480 people that registered and participated in The COVID Well-Being Event: Health, Stress and Immunity. We had four great sessions, covered a lot of ground together, and I’ve received plenty of feedback about how folks are taking what they learned and using it to fuel their empowered well-being during some unusually challenging times. Bravo! Evolves

The website that you have known, loved and been served by for the last many years is ready to evolve, again. The new—home of Empowered Well-Being—is slated to launch in late 2021.

There will be a new look and feel, yes, along with new opportunities for YOUR education, inspiration and empowerment. Some will be included in the new site upon launch and others will roll out over 2022. In the end, I’m looking to improve your online experience. To invite others to intentionally steward their health, resilience and wholeness. And with the launch of the Empowered Well-Being Academy in 2022, to offer new opportunities for folks to learn, engage and evolve their well-being experience.

Although there is a boatload of work to be done before launch, I still feel like a little kid waiting for their birthday to arrive. Stay tuned!


Honoring our Shared Humanity


Today is a big day in the U.S. as we finish the prior four-year term of presidency and welcome a new president. This turning point in time is an excellent juncture to honor our shared humanity.

One of my favorite mantras during the volatile and polarized 2020 election year was this:

I’m less interested in who you vote for

than I am in how you treat others

who vote differently than you do.

When President Trump was in office, I respected that fact that he was our elected president, even when I thought he was misbehaving or making what I deemed as poor policy choices. His election was a reflection of how the majority of people were feeling and it’s hard to argue with what IS. This is our president. Regardless of how you voted, let’s unite and move forward, focusing on our shared humanity.

While President Biden is in office, I will respect that fact that he is our elected president, even when he misbehaves or makes what I deem as poor policy choices. His election is a reflection of how the majority of people are feeling and it’s hard to argue with what IS. This is our president. Regardless of how you voted, let’s unite and move forward, focusing on our shared humanity.

Regardless of our political leanings, we can look at today as an opportunity.

We can disagree and still love each other. We can disagree about who should be president, and still work together toward united goals. And as I wrote in a previous post, we agree on far more than we disagree. Yet the disagreements make a better news story, so that’s what we hear about. Constantly.

I recognize that the presidency is kind of a big deal. But in a democracy there are a WHOLE lot of other elected officials amongst whom the power is distributed. And, the president is one person and we are 255,000,000 voting adults. Let’s take this opportunity to focus less on the one presidential person and more on the rest of us. On our We-the-People goals for how we want to live, work, play and love together. Let’s focus less on who we voted for and more on our shared humanity.

I am hopeful that we can acknowledge what-is and unite. Over the things we care about. Around protecting our freedoms, democracy and planet. In making large strides toward equality for all. Opportunity is always there, waiting for the right conditions to bloom. Recognizing and honoring our shared humanity is the glue that will make all of that possible.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love,


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