Mindy Savvy for New Year?s Resolutions

January 5, 2016
We are often hard on ourselves when our New Year?s Resolutions fizzle out by mid-February. We think there is something uniquely wrong with us. There isn?t! Learn about your powerful subsconscious mind.

Good morning,

Happy New Year! Are you ready to LIVE FULLY and FEEL AMAZING in 2016?…or at least get started? Well then, you?re in the right place on this weekly distribution of sass-n-love, because I?ve got plans for 2016 that have a LOT to do with continuing to up the ante on supporting folks on their life journey.

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Next fun health education opportunity is FREE, like this fantabulous blog post. It?s live and happening next Wednesday 1/13 at noon EDT. That?s right, the fab gents from Spirit Fire Radio have invited me back for another fun, educational interview that you can listen to LIVE, or catch the recording. They?ve already informed me that the want to cover plenty of Body Sass? and Mind Savvy? for the New Year?s Resolution crowd. Sounds fun!

Speaking of New Year?s Resolutions, I have something else REAAALLLY important to share with you. It?s this:

Let?s say that you?re someone who makes New Year?s Resolutions, and you feel disappointed in yourself because every year by, like, February, all traces of said resolution(s) have disappeared into thin air. You?re not alone; you?re actually in the VAST majority. It?s not because you?re a loser, or massively flawed, or lazy, or inept, or any other not-very-nice thing you may have said to yourself in the past. It?s because you, by very nature of your grey matter, are on autopilot.

Whaaaaat?!? Laurie Warren, you?re a crazy woman. Well, that may be so (my kids will agree with you!), but hear me out here, because this Mind Savvy? post will help you understand a LOT about failed New Year?s Resolutions?and other ?things that don?t end up happening? in your life. Despite your good intentions. Ready?

There are many ways to slice and dice mind function. For this brief discussion, I?m going to separate mind function into two realms: conscious & subconscious. Think of your New Year?s Goal, or any other goal, as a ship. Our conscious mind (the captain of the ship) exerts about 2-4% of the control over what we actually do (perception & behavior). Our subconscious mind (the entire ship?s crew) controls the rest.

Holy moly! Did you catch that? Ninety-six to ninety-eight percent of what we do is on autopilot. It?s not driven by conscious thinking or goals or willpower or any of that other stuff that?s discussed in goal-setting workshops, diet programs, or other ?how-to? programs.

And, to make things even more difficult, our conscious mind loses focus every 6-10 seconds. Our subconscious mind, where habits & beliefs live, loses focus?never. Habits (and beliefs?like about ourselves, our weight, our health) are nothing more than specific neural patterns in the brain, thoughts that are so ingrained that they have become automatic. Habits are thousands of times stronger than desires (ie: goals). Not twice as strong, or 10x as strong (which would be a lot)?THOUSANDS of times as strong. Holy hidden powerhouse, Batman!

In a nutshell, this is why we SET goals, but don?t REACH them. Setting them is a function of the conscious mind. Reaching them is a function of the subconscious mind. This is why understanding the mind is woven throughout my work & programs.

Does this mean we?re doomed? Absolutely not! Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can re-wire that powerful subconscious mind. But, just like a diet isn?t usually the cure for a weight problem?making a list of New Year?s Goals isn?t going to change the quality of your life. It?s more foundational and comprehensive than that. So, far from being a loser or lazy?you have simply proven, once again, that you are a bona fide HUMAN. 🙂

Some Food for Thought to start your year, and help you understand yourself better, and hopefully be nicer to yourself!

With love & fantabulous wishes for 2016,


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