Mindfulness and Emotional Eating

September 22, 2015
You will not likely suddenly adopt health-building foods and practices, simply because you have become educated on how to Create Vibrant Health. If it were that simple, most of us would be vibrantly healthy, joyful, and at our ideal weight. Learn how the power of mindfulness can interrupt old mind patterns that aren?t serving you.

Good morning,

HAPPY FALL! Yay for Fall, and yay for change, and yay for our powerful mind. Here is a question that comes up frequently in my clinical practice and in my lecture forums, that has Mind Savvy? written all over it.

?Laurie. I understand everything you?ve told me. And it makes sense. But the deal is, I still find myself doing a lot of emotional night-time eating. What gives??

Here?s the thing. Someone can get coaching from me on which foods serve them, which foods don?t, when to eat, how to eat, and all kinds of other awesome-sauce-y kind of info. And that is important. Uber. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, it?s their RELATIONSHIP with food that is the foundational piece that pulls all that together and gets the rubber on the road, or not.

Enter mindfulness. I?m sure you?ve heard the word before. I use it a great deal in my work, so you?ve likely heard it here too. Mindfulness is a pillar in my work in helping people, including myself, build a foundation on which to Create Vibrant Health?. But what the heck IS mindfulness? Like, what does it MEAN?

Mindfulness is most often defined as ?being present, undistracted by thoughts and emotions, and with an internal approach/attitude which is neither critical or judgmental.?


Basically, mindfulness is the act of focusing attention and observing the present moment without a bunch o? mental dialogue and interpretation.

The practice of mindfulness is mucho-importanto in helping you create a healthy relationship with food, your body, and your weight. It helps you to notice, and understand, your habits, reactions, and emotions around..well, everything, but in this case?food. It helps you re-wire your almighty brain, around food. Although WHAT you eat, and WHEN you eat, and the QUANTITY you eat are certainly important, it?s your RELATIONSHIP with food that, in the end, has the strongest influence on your choices.

Sound too ?woo-woo? for ya? Check this out. Science has shown that after just 5 measly days of practicing a simple mindfulness-based meditation technique, the area of the brain associated with self-control becomes more active. Hello!!! Even more crazy? After a whopping total of 11 hours of this ?woo-woo? stuff, that same part of the brain is starting to show physical changes in its structure! Holy neuroplasticity, Batman! This is what it means to rewire the brain, to unlearn old habits. To kick the emotional eating to the curb, bayBEEEE! Isn?t the human body A-freakin?-MAZING?!

If you missed my guest interview on Transformation Radio last week, with the Spirit Fire hosts, and are feeling oh-so-sad about that, I got yo? back! You can listen to the recording of the?event by clicking HERE?and searching the archives for the Sept. 16, 2015 show.

And your can join me on Periscope! You can follow me there: @LaurieWarren12. Just did a great ?Scope yesterday on ?excuses vs. action.? The recording stays live for 24 hours, so if you follow me, and go into ?Broadcasts,? it will be there, waiting for you, until 3:30-ish ET today. Enjoy!

Creating Vibrant Health is a process, not a prescription.

Have a fantabulous day!

With love & mindfulness,


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