Mindful Communication for Healthy Relationships

June 9, 2015
Effective, heartfelt communication is pivotal for creating the relationships, and the life, that we deeply want. Learn the basics on how to bring mindfulness and meaning into your daily interactions.

Good morning!

June 9, bayBEEEEE!! Love the long days of sunlight and the chorus of birds in the early mornings (well, okay, maybe not on Sunday mornings??sheesh, guys, can ya pipe down a bit?…it?s 5:30am!?). The other morning, I was listening to a robin?s song while looking at a chickadee out my window, and I wondered??Hm. I wonder if the chickadee can understand the robin?s song? Like, is bird-song species-specific??

Why, you might ask, am I dragging you through my bizarre early-morning ponderings? Well, pull up a chair, because I?ve got some Soul Food for you today.

Let?s just say, for the sake of discussion, that the chickadee can?t understand the robin?s song. So the robin is singing her heart out, with some really important life lesson for the chickadee, but to the chickadee?well??it?s all Greek to me.? The robin?s song is only half the communication equation. The intended receiver has to actually understand what the communicator said (sang) in order for true communication to have happened.

There are few things more important than effective communication. It supports & affects EVERYTHING: business negotiations, all aspects of commerce, seminar teachings, relationships of all kind, schooling effectiveness, and international peace discussions. Etc.

However, many of us are very focused on what we want to say (the words), without a lot of thought to how we say it, or how well it?s being received. The bummer there is that our intent, tone, body language, facial expression, and energy while we are speaking hugely affect if, and how, our communication is received. In fact, our words are only 7% of our communication! The other things I listed comprise 93% of how well our message is received!

Speaking gently and responsibly increases the chances that what we say will actually be heard. This is the concept of mindful communication.

Kim Barthel

Co-author of ?Conversations with a Rattlesnake"

A few weeks back, I posted the following on the Warren Wellness Facebook page:

The Keys to Mindful Presence Are:

  • Awake Body
  • Tender Heart
  • Open Mind

Imagine if we got ourselves into a state of Mindful Presence, and then practiced Mindful Communication. Holy authentic communication, Batman!! Go for it. Change happens one person at a time. Be the change you want to see in your life, and in the world!

Creating vibrant health?BodyMindSpirit?is a process, not a prescription.

With love & presence,


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