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August 24, 2016
When folks give you a hard time about what you are/aren?t eating/drinking at social events?it actually has NOTHING to do with you. Learn how to navigate social eating that allows you peace while pursing your health goals.

I?ve got some great Mind Savvy? thoughts for you today that are inspired by feedback from my BodyMindSpirit? Membership folks. You see, last month, our membership topic was Social Eating, and how to artfully combine YOUR health goals, and your desire to enjoy social events, in a way that serves you. And, I heard from several members how helpful all the information was. And so?

Today?s blog will touch on one topic that I work with folks on in relation to Social Eating, which is ?perceived barriers.? Perceived barriers are things that SEEM to stand in the way of us moving closer to the weight, energy, and health we deeply desire. They aren?t actually standing in our way, we?ve just decided that they are the reason for our lack of traction. So let?s get the Wizard of Oz out from behind his curtain and take a good look at who he really is!

Who Is That Man Behind the Curtain?

I totally get that social and business events that include food & drink (are there any that don?t!?!?) can present challenges for many people, while creating a new Food Lifestyle for themselves…a Food Lifestyle that better serves their health goals.

Let?s call a spade a spade. There is a fair amount of social pressure at these events to be eating and drinking what everyone else is eating and drinking. ?Why aren?t you having a drink? C?mon, let me get you one!? or ?All you?re having is a salad?! When did you become a rabbit?…here, try these fried clams!?

The bottom line is, it?s really not about you and what you are (or are not) eating and drinking. The pressure and comments are really about the person making them. Your choices are providing them a mirror that helps them see that their choices likely aren?t serving them well, and that makes them feel uncomfortable. So, they raz you, hoping that you?ll change your choices and help them feel comfortable again. I?m not kidding!

What?s In It for You?

This can definitely be challenging, but it?s actually a pristine opportunity for you to find your inner sass and get clear about what’s important to you and how committed you are to that. And then to stand firmly in your personal choices, smile gently, and thank them for their interest in your food and drink, but you are happy with what you?ve chosen. This movement alone will help start cementing your commitment to your own Health Journey?and that will serve you, for life.

This can also be a great time to bring inner awareness to any issues that arise for YOU in these social settings. Do you feel awkward about telling people that you?re working to gain a better Health Experience? Do you feel more constricted and self-aware when you?re not drinking? Use these insights to deepen your understanding of who you are, what you want, and what you?re willing to commit to.

Humans are creatures of habit. Most of us have spent decades repeating the same patterns, and staying within our comfort zone. It takes time (about 3 weeks) to make a new habit so embrace this time as YOUR time to take stock of what?s working for you and what isn?t. And then to stand by it. Be nice to YOU and stand behind your own commitment to yourself!

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With love & awareness,


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