Meet Them Where They Are

May 31, 2016
We create an immense amount of suffering for ourselves, and waste a great deal of energy, feeling aggravated that people aren?t ?living up to our expectations.? Instead of allowing thoughts that make you, and the other person, feel badly to run your life, learn how to lean into NOW and create more love, joy, and healthy relationships in your life.


  1. Cheri

    Great timely advice for me this am. We all spend so much energy trying to get people to change–which often leaves us both feeling frustrated. I like the visual you’ve given with the mountain climbing..
    Thank you for your wisdom. I’ll keep trying..

    • Laurie

      Yes!…both frustrated. And truly, this is a “practice” for pretty much everyone, myself included. Every day! But there’s a huge shift in the simple noticing of it and, like a meditation practice, we keep getting more aware and focused. And having children and significant others give us the “opportunity” to practice every day 😉
      Keep at it!

  2. Lauren

    Powerful message! I love this and felt like you were talking right to me. Another great tool I cannot wait to put in place.

    • Laurie

      I’m so glad it resonated with you!
      And I was talking right to you! 😉



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