Let Freedom Ring

July 2, 2018
Sometimes freedom isn't a news-worthy jubilant celebration of a country's liberation. Sometimes it's a quietly-garnered freedom that happens right between our two ears.

We often think of freedom as a physical release from limitations, but mental freedom is equally as powerful.


What is freedom?


There have been many jubilant fist-in-the-air periods in history when a freedom has been won. Freedom from power-over, tyranny, oppression, or cruelty that is inflicted by a person or group. Then there are the smaller freedoms. Like when a teenager gets their driver’s license, or graduates from high school, leaving the family nest for new adventures (read: without parental dictatorship).

And then there are the less grandiose-seeming shifts that happen right between our two ears. Mental freedom. This entails freedom from inaccurate ideas in our mind that hold us back. Limiting habits, beliefs, stories and faulty “information.” While this latter type of freedom may not have the same news-worthy status as a liberated country or teenager, it can create a massive positive ripple-effect in our life experience.


Mental freedom is powerful.


Let’s explore an example of mental freedom in action.

Chelsea always struggles to make ends meet financially, working for minimum wage at Dunkin’ Donuts. Chelsea struggled with her schoolwork in high school and her grades reflected that struggle. She developed a belief system that she isn’t smart enough to have a more lucrative job. Since K-12 school focuses on test grades in subjects like math, science, and grammar, she never got connected with her exceptional abilities in people skills, quick diagnostic thinking, computer proficiency and empathy.

One day, one of her “regulars” is standing outside when she gets off her shift. Yes, a little creepy, but stick with me here past the creep-factor. Marge-the-Regular is a manager at a large insurance company, and they’re currently recruiting for a few top-notch customer service reps.

Marge has always been impressed by how Chelsea works with customers, never gets flustered, helps her service team with cash register issues, and seems to be the “good vibe” glue that creates such great customer service in the store. Chelsea stands out and Marge wants her on her team at the insurance company, which will pay three times what Chelsea makes now, and includes benefits.

Starting in that moment, Chelsea is hurtled onto a path of liberation. A path toward more mental freedom. Freedom from her crappy old belief system about her worth on the job market. Over time, this improved self-worth ripples out into her entire life experience. Mental freedom, baby.


Mental Freedom is a journey.


Where might your old habits, belief systems or “information” be holding you back from mental freedom? If it’s in the area of BodyMindSpirit health, I can help! Here are quotes from two coaching calls I had this morning:

“You’ve helped me re-structure how I think about food choices and preparation. I’ve never felt better, and I’ll carry this on for life!”
(Let freedom ring!)

“I’ve struggled with weight and emotional eating for so many decades. Your work with belief systems is amazing. I’ve lost 30 pounds, but more importantly, the voice in my mind has made a quantum shift toward kindness, and I feel much less anxious.”
(Let freedom ring!)

Three spots have opened up in my six-month BetterHealth Journey™ Program. If you’re ready for some new freedoms and some real traction on your health, let’s get started. Better health, more energy, less stress, clear boundaries. Well-being freedom that all starts in the mind.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love & liberation,


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