Learning Life Lessons With Less Pain

May 12, 2015
We tend to repeat the same mistakes?with jobs, relationships, ourselves?over and over. It often feels like the lessons get hard, but many of us still keep our head in the sand. Learn how to become wiser and expand your consciousness, with the touch of a feather, instead of the slam of a sledgehammer!

Good morning!

Today is a SOUL FOOD day and I have some delicious food to share, for you mind & soul. It comes from a fantabulous book that I recently devoured (pun intended!). The book is called ?The Big Leap? and it?s written by Dr. Gay Hendricks. He rocks.

No matter how brilliant we might be at making money or making music or making soup, we are all amateurs when it comes to feeling and expressing love. I like it that way, because it gives every moment of life an exhilarating learning edge. It keeps me cheerfully humble to think of myself as a beginner in a field in which I?m acclaimed as an expert. I also know, from painful experience, that the moment my attitude of cheerful humility slips into self-righteousness or arrogance, the Universe will just as cheerfully step in with an unexpected way to make me humble again.

The Universe will teach us our lessons with the tickle of a feather or the whomp of a sledgehammer, depending on how open we are to learning the particular lesson. Getting stubborn and defensive invites the sledgehammer; getting open and curious invites the feather. It took me a long time to figure out who was in charge of the painfulness of my lessons.

Dr. Gay Hendricks

Author of the "Big Leap"

I love that last line, especially. We are the creator of our life experience. It?s our inner work, and our open heart, that create a life journey with more feathers, and fewer sledgehammers.

Creating vibrant health is a process, not a prescription.

With love & feathers,


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