Intermittent fasting is powerful. Program registration open!

April 9, 2021
Spring has sprung, and your body is calling for help. Will you answer the call?

The spring 2021 28toGreat™ intermittent fasting group program starts on May 1, and registration is officially OPEN!

Register by Wednesday April 28, by clicking HERE.

28toGreat® is four fabulous weeks of programming and guidance around food TIMING and CHOICES, with a deep education about WHY the timing and choices matter. It incorporates the 16:8 version of intermittent fasting (IF) which means you eat during an 8-hour window, and fast for the other 16 hours.

Ever feel like you’re making pretty good food choices, but that dang belly fat just won’t budge? Read on.


My journey with IF

I, personally, have been following 28toGreat™ for one year, and will likely continue it forever. For one thing, it actually makes eating EASIER, for me. Even more, it helped me lose the 12 pounds of fat that had gathered for a raucous party around my belly, uninvited. I just couldn’t shake it—after 3 years of trying—and…well…I know more than the average bear about health and weight loss!

I’ll admit that I felt resistant to trying intermittent fasting (IF) for two main reasons:

  1. It sounded gimmicky to me.
  2. I really dislike being hungry, and the word “fasting” kinda freaked me out. (Okay, okay. It REALLY freaked me out.)

Here’s the trick: People that feel hungry a lot, and/or experience serious cases of the hangries—crabby mood and volatile emotions when hungry—are often struggling with blood sugar and insulin issues. So, of COURSE fasting sounds scary. But interestingly, it’s also very often the solution. Paradox rules the school.


Will you lose weight?

Most people experience body fat loss during the 4-week program, anywhere between 2-10 pounds (record is 15 pounds), while others instead experience body fat loss over many months of continuing the very do-able guidelines, as their imbalanced insulin and blood sugar system comes back into balance. We have participants from the spring 2020 28toGreat™ program that lost 15-27 pounds from April to December last year, while continuing to follow the program, which is SO DO-ABLE, after a 5-day adjustment period.

If you tend to get fat stuck around your middle, insulin resistance is likely the problem, and it can take some time to bring the body back to balance. But for most, the IF train does gather steam, and the benefits even spread beyond body fat loss…


What 28toGreat™ Can Do for You

This program works with and for your body, to restore balance. Research shows that 28toGreat™ can:

  1. Reduce accumulated cellular waste (activates autophagy)
  2. Improve cell signaling
  3. Activate and up-regulates our fat-burning hormones, like growth hormone
  4. Put the body into fat-burning mode, every day
  5. Re-balance insulin and blood sugar
  6. Educate on food TIMING with healthy serving of Food Sass®

For YOU, this means…what?

How do those biochemical changes translate into YOUR better health? Significant evidence—including research studies reported in the New England Journal of Medicine and from Harvard Medical School—shows that IF has broad-spectrum benefits:

  • Weight loss, particularly visceral fat (belly and “muffin-top” fat)
  • Blood sugar rebalance and improved insulin signaling
  • Reduce chronic inflammation and related diseases
  • Cardiovascular disease healing/avoidance
  • Cancer healing/avoidance
  • Neurologic disorder improvement/avoidance

The research also points to a longer, healthier life with more energy, vitality and mental focus.

The truth is, we are overfed and undernourished; we eat lots of food that contains little nutrient value. This program brings us back to fed-enough and well-nourished. You can learn the details and register on my website.


What’s included in the program?

This is a fully-supported program, designed to educate, support and guide you—every step of the way with:

  • 28toGreat™ 27-page eGuidebook
  • Copious Food Sass® recipes in your 56-page eRecipebook and daily emails
  • Daily program emails with education, guidance and support
  • Insider info on packaged Food Sass® (aka: no prep)
  • Weekly Zoom group video meeting (optional)
  • My clinical support and guidance (email, private FB group, Zoom meetings)
  • Empowered well-being, BodyMindSpirit


Ready? Set. Go!

Get yourself registered early, and enjoy more time with the eGuidebook and recipes, maybe even starting early if you so desire, elongating your program period. I can’t wait to see you inside the program!

Ps. Don’t leave your friends and family out! Share this blog post with everyone you care about and we’ll welcome them into the fold of this powerful program.

With love and program glory,


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