How To Transform Your Appearance

January 27, 2015
Learn how change happens and how you can use that to improve your health. Get acquainted with the babystep approach, which is far more effective than the ?sign up for this big diet, get overwhelmed, and quit? approach. We build health from the inside out!

Good morning!

I had an interesting discussion with a client last week. Actually, I have interesting discussions with clients and students every day, but this particular discussion comes up over and over and over. I thought I would share it with you, as it may be something that is on your mind, as well. A loving infusion of Body Sass? wisdom to start your beautiful day.

Fantabulous Client (FC): I wish my skin looked better. And my hair. And I feel like my eyes often look dull and tired. I guess I just feel like I?m physically aging more quickly than I?d like. Are there lotions or supplements that can help with that?

Me: Well, FC, here?s the real deal?

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

I?m not kidding. Most often, when you see someone that looks much younger than their years and has an unfair amount of spunk and energy, it?s not because they are ?lucky? with ?good genes.? It?s because they?ve figured out that a healthy inside makes it?s way to the outside. And I mean ALL the inside?physical, emotional, and spiritual. Building a healthy inner environment in our body can transform the ?outside experience?, meaning, how others experience you?appearance, mood, energy, presence, etc.

Creating a healthy inside looks like mindful attention to many things: a nutrient-dense food lifestyle; regular exercise; plenty of hydration; adequate restful sleep; attunement with something larger than ourselves (you can insert ?religion? or ?spirituality? or something like that here); tending healthy relationships, including the one with ourselves; and creating opportunities for joy and laughter?to name some top contenders.

FC: Holy cow, that sounds really overwhelming. (The thought bubble over her head said ?this woman is insane.?)

Me: I agree. It does sound really overwhelming! Because thinking about addressing those areas all at once IS overwhelming. Let?s step outside the ?silver bullet? (take a pill, get botox, or do a diet, and feel and look better) paradigm and create lasting, foundational health for you. And, creating foundational health ripples out to affect EVERYthing?including your outside.

FC: Um. Okay. I get it. But, I?m still overwhelmed. You sure there isn?t just a lotion or supplement I can use?

Me: Of course you?re still overwhelmed! Because you?re still thinking about ALL of that. Let?s start with baby steps. You?ll be amazed at how even one change can affect your health experience. How about you commit to two changes for a month and create the habits to back that commitment. Then, once that becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth, you move on to the next foundational change?

FC: Sure. I think I can do that.

Me: Great. How about starting with a 15-minute walk 3x/week and a healthy breakfast 5x/week?

FC: Yes! That sounds manageable. Let?s talk about what you mean by ?a healthy breakfast??.

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Commitment backed by creating new habits. You in?

The food you eat builds your body, every day, for better or for worse.? Make choices for health!

With love & commitment,


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