How does clean eating promote health, weight loss and healing?

January 4, 2022
What does clean eating mean? Why do we care about it? Does it matter for health and weight loss? Let’s unpack clean eating in a real-world way

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The Body Sass® Cleanse—solo or group—supports your detox organs in releasing toxic burden and blasts your sweet bod with nutrients via clean eating. The hashtag #cleaneating connects with 48.7 million posts logged on Instagram and is also a top trending hashtag on other social media platforms. A Google search for “clean eating” yields 27.3 million results and there’s even a Clean Eating Magazine.

Have you ever wondered what the big hoopla is around “clean eating?” Or felt confused about what clean eating even means? How about this one: If there’s clean eating, does that imply there’s also dirty eating? Yikes! So many of my clients have questions about the concept of clean eating. Maybe you do too, so let’s unpack these questions.


What does “clean eating” mean?


Like most things, if you ask 10 different experts this question, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. However. The foundational definition that most of us agree on is: Clean eating means increasing our intake of whole foods that are as close to their original state as possible.

An ear of corn—especially if it’s organic and non-GMO—is clean eating; Doritos is not clean eating. Chicken meat—especially from a pastured, organic chicken—is clean eating; Chicken NcNuggets from McDonalds is not clean eating. You may be gathering that there’s a continuum of clean. An ear of corn is cleaner clean eating than Doritos. Even cleaner is an organic, non-GMO ear of corn.

But know this: Any ole ear of corn is better than the 20+ ingredients—many of them sketchy—in Doritos.


Is there “dirty eating?”


I’ve been asked this question many times. I strongly recommend deleting this term from your mind. It sounds shame-y, and none of us need any more shame than we already pile on ourselves. I suggest focusing on clean eating, and if you really need to label the Doritos, maybe call it fake food. Words matter and how we talk to ourselves matter. A LOT. Dirty Dancing, yes; dirty eating, no.


Why do we care about clean eating?


The hoopla around clean eating is warranted. There is a lot of argument (back to the ask-10-experts quandry mentioned earlier) over what comprises clean beyond just whole foods. Organic? Vegetarian? Vegan? No-Grain? Paleo? No-Dairy? No-Sugar? Yeesh. When did food get so confusing?

In my work, I use the term Food Sass® because a.) it sounds more fun and b.) we don’t fall into the whole “dirty eating” mental fiasco. Food Sass® is whole, nutrient-dense foods, organic where it matters, as close to its original state as possible. Boom. My Food Sass® Lifestyle is flexible, encouraging people to consume 80% Food Sass® (clean eating) and 20% other stuff (cake, beer, wine, Doritos, Chicken NcNuggets, etc).

Why do we care about this? Because you build your body, every day. Every minute of every day you’re eliminating 300 million new cells a minute and replacing them with new ones, using oxygen, water and FOOD. What an opportunity! This is empowering!

I’d wager that anyone reading this is getting adequate oxygen and water. Food is the big variable. So yes, we care deeply about what kind of cells we’re building. We want our cells to be 80%+ kale, chicken and lentils (by way of example) and 20% or less Doritos, cookies and beer.


What does this mean for my health?


If we build our body with food, then increasing Food Sass® (clean foods) and decreasing fake food is an absolute game-changer. While clean eating builds healthy cells, fake food is a double-whammy in building sad cells:

  1. Fake food brings copious toxins into the body. These toxins stress our liver and other detox systems while damaging our cells and DNA. Uncool.
  2. Fake food contributes very few nutrients to our body. Our miraculous body needs over 30 vitamins and minerals to function well. The nutrients listed on the Nutrition Facts label of fake food is typically a short list. These “nutrients” are mostly synthetic nutrients that are added as part of the production process. Our body doesn’t recognize or use them in the same way as nutrients provided in their original state from nature.

What do toxins and damaged DNA do to us? They dampen immunity (to flu, colds, COVID, etc.), cause chronic disease (cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, etc.), promote inflammation and weight gain, create hormone imbalances, reduce energy, disturb sleep, create food sensitivities and more. I know. Not a fun list to read. Fake food and chronic stress are two of the biggest insults to our physical health.


What’s a human to do?


The low-hanging-fruit answer to this question is to increase your intake of clean foods (Food Sass®!) and decrease your intake of fake foods. A peer-reviewed study that I read over a decade ago outlined how study participants’ health improved by 40%—simply by eating one apple a day! One small thing, done every day, adds up fast. An apple adds up in the beneficial direction and Doritos adds up in the negative direction.

Another option is to gift yourself with a powerful reset. Which leads us back to the first topic of this post. The Body Sass® Cleanse Program is at your service. The January 2022 program is open for registration until Jan 10 and the program begins on Jan 15. In a short 21 days, you reduce your toxic burden and build billions of top-shelf healthy cells. The outcomes are often astounding (yes, including weight loss).

Even more important? You will have engaged in 21 days of training on how to EAT FOR HEALTH, for life. Not rigidly, but in an 80/20 Food Sass® Lifestyle way. Program participants change their relationship with food and learn new food skills that fit into their very full lives. The Body Sass® Cleanse is the pinnacle of clean eating and releasing toxic burden. And it’s ready for YOU to JOIN IN!

To your Empowered Well-Being,


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