Holiday health and joy

December 3, 2018
This holiday season, the best way to maximize joy and minimize stress is to take a deep breath and remember that you are the owner and creator of your life experience. Here's how.

Today’s love note to you is all about helping you feel your best – body and mind – for this holiday season. Although this is often a time of year with plenty of fun gatherings, events and connections with folks that we care about, it’s also a time where people often feel stretched more thin than usual. This is a drag, since it’s difficult to feel joyful when we feel stressed – joy and stress are mutually exclusive.

The best way to maximize joy and minimize stress is to take a deep breath and remember that you are the owner and creator of your life experience. Truly. The holidays are as joyful or as stressful as you make them. The truth is, you can opt out of anything, at any time. And, you can change how you think about it.

Don?t get me wrong. As with all of these things I write about, I struggle with them sometimes too. But, with practice, I get better and better at catching myself when I notice myself holding my breath, bunching up my shoulders, and charging through my days with a list as my relentless master. For you, here?s my invitation.?Make a list of what?s ?stressing you out? about the holidays and then:

  1. Decide what you have control over and what you don?t.?You DO have control over whether or not you attend the big holiday party at the Brown’s house that you just don?t feel like going to this year and you do have control over how much money you spend. You DON?T have control over whether your ?dysfunctional family? is going to say or do things that end up bothering you when you get together.
  2. Review the things that you DO have control over and mindfully decide if you?re in or out, or maybe in, but in a less time-consuming way.?If something ends up in the OUT category, just let it go. You can re-evaluate next year. For instance, maybe this year you put a decoration on your front door and skip the half-day you normally spend putting up lights and decorations outside your home.
  3. In doing #1 and #2, now lean into the fact that everything that you?re doing, in relation to the holidays, you?ve chosen. You?re no longer a ?holiday victim.??You?re the masterful creator of your own life and experience, and THAT is empowering. In truth, if you did NOTHING different in December than during the other 11 months, everyone (that matters) is still going to love you, and your life will still be fantabulous.

If you’d like more pointers on stress, you can register for the FREE webinar that I’m leading tomorrow, Wednesday, December 5 at 1pm ET. WellRight, a company that provides wellness software solutions for companies, asked me to lead this discussion on Real-World Applications for Stress Management and Stress Resilience, which I delightedly agreed to. Although the talk will be aimed at HR Leaders looking to minimize stress in their workforce, we artfully planned this webinar for this time of year because most folks could use a leg up on stress. I hope you’ll join us!

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With love & holiday joy,


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