Holiday Health: 3 Lifelines to combat weight gain, stress and low energy

November 16, 2021
Three lifelines to help you avoid weight gain, stay healthy, and feel less stressed during the holiday season.

One of the (many) bizarre things about the COVID pandemic is that our sense of time seems altered. So I imagine you can relate to my experience of…Holy smokes, does it really say Thanksgiving on this month’s calendar?! But apparently, it’s not a typo, and the all-you-can-eat holiday is actually next week. Which means that we’ve officially entered the holiday season, and you holiday health is important!

We’re all different, but one holiday season experience seems pretty common: Dreaded weight gain. Along with that main dish, also served up are health issues, low energy and an increase in stress. I often hear, “This health blip happens to me every year! What can I DO about it?” Today, I’m offering three lifelines to support you feeling GOOD during the holidays. Use one, use two or test drive them all!

Choose ONE

Review your previous holiday health experiences and uncover ONE area where your self-care gets the most derailed. Some common derailments for my clients (and me!) are:

  1. More sweets
  2. More stress
  3. More alcohol

These three wet blankets are also top causes of weight gain and health issues. Here’s what you might do to mitigate Holiday Health Derailment, for the next six weeks:

Choose ONE thing that you want to keep in check, and create an intentional plan for yourself like:

  1. I will enjoy one, and only one sweet, between 3-6pm, every day (or less).
  2. I commit to doing 30-second breathing snacks 4x/day—upon waking, at lunch, at dinner, and bedtime. (Use whatever cues work best for you).
  3. I will enjoy up to 4 alcoholic beverages a week. I can have one a night for four nights or have all four at a wild party on Saturday night. I’ll drink water before, during and after.

Intentional guidelines like this aren’t too rigid, yet also keep your self-care loosely on track. One thing, done every day, adds up to BIG results, like saving $20 a week can do, over time.

Get FREE Guidance

There are choices-a-plenty on the new that provide you with FREE guidance to reclaim your holiday health. The most robust is a training series that begins with the ebook The Insider’s Guide to Health and Weight Loss. This first ebook is available, in its entirety, right here on my website. You can also get your very own copy by entering your name and email, which is no-harm-no-foul for you because you’re already on this newsletter list.

Even better?

You can download the second ebook in the series, called the 5 Steps to Health & Well-being with Laurie Warren. These two ebooks aren’t like those free ebooks that you download from many sites that contain a few pictures and watered-down bullet points, and a whole lotta marketing. (Really so that they can score your email address.) No way, Hosé. These ebooks are chock full of education, inspiration and empowerment—including do-able takeaways. I’m a woman on a mission and I hope that YOU can reap the benefits of that.

And there’s more.

Each ebook is followed by three emails that gives you even more insight into how to lose weight, reduce stress and improve your health. These alone add up to a whole ‘nother ebook of training. At the end of the training, you’ll know more than 95% of the population about what causes weight gain, stress and poor health. You’ll also learn about mindset and habits that can create positive change, and how YOU might get started.

Ebook one is your first step. Enjoy!

Use Program Magic

What’s program magic? Program magic is when you engage in a program and do it to the nines. You commit, roll up your sleeves and get everything you can out of that opportunity. You invest in yourself. And, in the case of the Body Sass® Cleanse, you end up writing me a love note like this one:

“The Body Sass® Cleanse completely changed my weight, my health and my relationship with food.” — Cathy R.

The Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program runs twice a year. Once in January, following the holidays, and again in September, following the summer months. Experience has taught me that these two months are when folks are desperate for structure, for guidelines…for a RESET for their sweet bod, after their holiday health intentions veered off course.

So know that, besides Choose ONE and Get FREE Guidance above, Program Magic awaits you, starting on January 8, 2022. I know that seems a ways off, but remember that weird time warp thing I started this love note with? Right. January will be here in a blink. Don’t worry. I got you!

To your Empowered Well-Being,


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