Holiday Hangover 911

December 21, 2016
Protect your Body Sass? during these final holiday weeks! My Top 10 Tips for Holiday Hangover Rescue will guide your way.

Happy?Winter Solstice! The top 3 things I love about the winter solstice are:

  1. From here on out until mid-June, the days keep getting longer. Sunlight rocks!
  2. I love winter. (I actually love all the New England seasons.)
  3. I just think that solstices and equinoxes are cool. I have no idea why. They just make me happy.

In honor of the solstice, and the holidays, today I?m offering up some Body Sass? tips to help with the infamous HOLIDAY HANGOVER. You know what I?m talkin? ?bout right?!? Late nights, more parties, lots of food & big meals, more empty carbs than usual, less Food Sass? than usual, more alcohol than usual, and often extra stress. We often end up feeling bloated, pudgy, tired, and just kinda junky. While holidays can be fun, holiday hangovers are most definitely not fun.

Therefore, today I?m servin? up my very do-able Top 10 Tips for Holiday Hangover Rescue:

  1. Focus on the enjoyment of time spent with family & friends, as opposed to the majority of the focus being on the food spread and the cocktails.
  2. Skip the appetizers, or eat just enough to ward off being really hungry until the meal is served.
  3. Drink red wine instead of beer.
  4. Drink plenty of water before any social party-ish event. Pre-hydrating, when cocktails are involved, is uber-important.
  5. Alternate a glass of water or spritzer in between cocktails. It will help battle dehydration, cut down on calories, and will give you that ?social prop? of a drink in your hand. In addition to reducing empty calorie intake, you?ll probably feel better the next day!
  6. At the big holiday meal, don?t create a mountain on your plate. Serve yourself a bit of everything you like and eat slowly and mindfully, savoring the yummy food.
  7. If you don?t love it, don?t eat it! Truly, there is plenty of temptation around without eating stuff that doesn?t even really float your boat.
  8. Gravitate toward the meat and VEGGIES, and minimize the empty starches (mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, bread, etc) and the sweets.?For instance?
  9. Three desserts being served, and you like them all? No sweat. Eat all three, but give yourself three servings that roughly add up to one regular dessert serving. Basically, a few bites of each. Eat slowly and enjoy the flavors.
  10. Join my January Body Sass Cleanse Group Program! Registration is open for another week. This is a GREAT re-set after the holidays!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?!

Happy Holidays, sweet peeps!
With love and holiday cheer,


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