Holiday Food Fun…and Registration is CLOSING!

August 29, 2017
Take a guided tour of how to easily access aaallll of the fantabulous Food Sass? recipes on this site AND check out this vetted Labor Day Weekend menu!

“”In preparation for Labor Day Weekend (WHAATTT?!?!? I kid you not. That’s THIS weekend.), I have some Food Sass® suggestions for ya. Before I get to that, I must alert you that THE END IS NEAR. Haha—not THE end—but instead, the end of registration for the Fall 2017 Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program. Registration is open until Midnight EDT on Wednesday 8/30/17! CLICK HERE to get yourself registered for a fabulous post-summer re-set. Group Cleanse starts on September 9. It feels good to feel good 🙂

In other news, one of the delightful things that I hear often from my coaching clients and Create Vibrant Health community, is that they LOVE getting my recipes. That they feel super-stoked when a fun new Food Sass® recipe just pops into their email inbox like a little stealth-gift. And that’s a happy thing!

I also want to remind you that theres a whole repository of delicious, nutritious Food Sass® recipes (over 50) neatly stored in a repository for you, on my site! I have found that folks forget this, and so today I’m going to toss you a food lifeline and give you a guided tour, and some suggestions for Labor Day Weekend!

The Blog

You can hop over to my blog, and click the search button (a little icon of a magnifying glass) in the upper right corner (far right of site menu), and type in something that interests you, or that you remember me previously sending. “Salmon” or “chia seed” or “salad” or any other search string will bring up related recipes.

Labor Day Weekend Lineup

If you want a vetted great food lineup for a party or dinner you’re hosting this weekend, check out this menu suggestion. You can also use any of the tactics above to find something different!

Warm Salmon and Asparagus Salad with Simple Pesto
Bonanza Salad
And Bop Bars and fruit kebabs for dessert!

Not in the mood for Salmon?… the Light n Lemon-y Grilled Chicken is also amazing. Mmmmm.

Remember to Register Before Midnight EDT Tonight!

Enjoy all of that food fun and don?t forget to get yourself registered for the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program before EOD on Wednesday 8/30! And, have a fantabulous holiday weekend.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®!

With love & food fun,


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