Give yourself a health reset as summer winds down

August 23, 2022
It's time for a health reset. Purify and nourish your body to lose weight and move closer to optimal health. Registration closes soon!

It’s that time of year again…time for a health reset. Many of us have been frolicking through the summer months enjoying copious food, cocktails, wine, beer, and maybe haven’t exercised as often as we intended.

Which is all fine and good except that now maybe you don’t feel as good as you’d like to. Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds. Perhaps your digestion feels off and/or your energy is low. Possibly you met with your doctor and uncovered some unsavory lab results or a new health challenge.

You’re not alone! This is exactly why I run the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program each September. To help YOU create a health and weight reset…and get back on track. This year, I have an amazing offer for you. Let’s unpack the Cleanse and the amazing offer, each in turn.


The Body Sass® Cleanse


Registration is OPEN for the autumn 2022 21-day Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program!

Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program dates: Sep 10 – Sep 30, 2022
Registration: NOW to Mon, Sep 5 at midnight ET. You can register HERE.

Tee up your health reset. Everything you need to know about the Body Sass® Cleanse—and why it’s important for your health—can be found right on my website, including THIS video and THIS ebook. Be sure to check out the FAQs at the bottom of the website page; there’s a lot of information in there.

However, maybe you’re not in a clicking mood. You just want to stay right here reading goshdarnit. Totally get it, so let’s explore the bottom line: Our bodies stay functioning despite all that they are asked to handle. Yet, as the burden of our choices increases over time, the body goes out of balance. And we feel it in a multitude of ways. The best way to bring it closer to balance is by treating it to a body-spa.

No, not the spa where we get massages and facials and saunas and all that good stuff. The spa where the FUNCTIONING OF OUR BODY gets treated like royalty. That spa is called The Body Sass® Cleanse.

“Why-oh-why does my body need a Body Sass® Cleanse spa?”

(Gloves off.) We eat too much. We eat foods that taste good but are mean to our bodies, often riddled with chemicals, dyes, pesticides and other toxins. We punish our liver (and our weight) with medications and alcohol, daily or weekly. And meanwhile toxins abound in our environment.

The Body Sass® Cleanse offers your sweet bod a weight and health reset. A recalibration and rejuvenation. It balances hormones and digestion. It offers your liver an unburdening plus loads of super foods to help it function at its best. Most people lose weight…some a significant amount. Many regain energy and enjoy amazing sleep. AND you’re educated on how to create a New Normal that can serve you for a lifetime.

Sound good? Again, you can learn more and register HERE, but before you do, let’s get to the amazing offer.


Reclaim Your Health


The bi-annual running of the Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program is immediately followed by the 28toGreat™ 28-day group program. Health reset opportunities galore! You can learn more about 28toGreat™ HERE, but (1) It’s great (haha) and (2) It’s a program that combines the best practices of 16:8 intermittent fasting with the Food Sass® Lifestyle.

Curious about this whole intermittent fasting thing? Check out my ebook Timing Matters. The short of it is that 16:8 intermittent fasting (IF)—which means you eat every day during an 8-hour window—resets your insulin system.

If you have belly fat or have significant body fat all over, it’s likely that your insulin system is out of balance. This becomes a vicious cycle and can lead to diabetes type 2, heart disease and high blood pressure, among other things. Over time with IF—usually longer than 28 weeks—your blood sugar becomes better balanced. You avoid big health complications and weight starts to come off easier. And you FEEL BETTER. Bra-VO!

The amazing offer is that you can register for BOTH programs up front and get a $45 discount. Just for planning ahead! Sweet, right? The Health Reset Package is 7 weeks of programming, support and experiential learning on how to care for your health and lose weight. The Body Sass® Cleanse PLUS 28toGreat™.

Health Reset Package Dates: Sep 10 – Oct 28, 2022
Registration: NOW to Mon, Sep 5 at midnight ET.

Discounted registration is open right now. Here’s how to get your discount love, for your 7 weeks of program joy:
=> Click HERE, scroll down to the (green) registration section, and select the 3rd option. You automatically receive the discount on the package of the two programs. Note that this offer is only available until Mon, Sep 5th.

I’m so excited to guide YOU—and our autumn 2022 group—while you reclaim your health and well-being. Click HERE to register for the winning combination of the Body Sass® Cleanse and 28toGreat™ Group Programs. Daily email support, eGuidebooks, eRecipebooks, private FaceBook group forums, and weekly 28toGreat™ Zoom meetings. All for YOU.

This is FULL ON world-class programming—clinically-guided, comprehensive and whole-person focused. Ready to re-set and supercharge your sweet bod? What an opportunity. (Do you hear your body cheering? It’s SPA time, baby.) 

Let’s DO THIS. Register HERE for 7 weeks of “body spa!” Can’t wait to see you inside.

To your empowered well-being,


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