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October 24, 2016
Learn about the Dieter?s Dilemma; what?s more important than counting calories; and how you can get some serious traction on your weight, energy, and health.

One of my top projects this summer was to create some powerful, free training to provide to site visitors, that could help them create some positive change in their BodyMindSpirit. It consists of two short eBooks packed with information and do-able steps, and a short video that provides info on the Body Sass? Cleanse. I invite you to help yourself to that free training!

Check out ?Prevent and Resolve the Top 3 Health Challenges: You can lose weight, gain energy, and heal your sugar addiction? (I also entered that in ?world?s longest eBook title? and almost won. Kidding!)
Learn about what I affectionately (not really) call ?The Dieter?s Dilemma? and why diets most often ultimately fail us. The quick fix is alluring, but it?s foundational change that gets real & lasting results.

Next, you can soak up ?10 Tried & True Tenants of Vibrant Health for Life: Kick the yo-yo dieting to the curb, so that you can have the weight, energy, and health you desire.? I double-dare you to try to say ?10 Tried & True Tenants? out loud, 3 times, fast 😉
In addition to my 10 Tenants, you can also get insight into the basics of my approach for foundational change. You?ll also learn the best alternative to counting calories. If you simply followed the tenants in this eBook, you would notice serious results in the way you feel!

Finally, there?s the ?Jumpstart Your Health? video, which outlines the Body Sass? Cleanse, and why it?s such a powerful, game-changing program. Here?s an excerpt from an email I received last week from a participant that just completed her first Cleanse with me:

?I’ve played around with different diets, “fasts,” tried what I thought was healthy eating, and I now realize I’ve been doing it wrong all along. The great thing is every day is a new day and a new opportunity to try again. I now know firsthand what really works. It’s very empowering.?
Joy! (for her, and for me!)

I invite you to amp up your Body Sass? and make the most out of this free training. Enjoy!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?!

With love & Body Sass?,


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