Four Fabulous and Inspiring Friday Nuggets

May 29, 2020
Love this recent cover article in Inspired Health Magazine! Plus a delish recipe for shrimp—always a popular warm-weather food—that you can munch on whilst you read said article

I hope this love note finds you navigating this curious pandemic environment that we’ve created, and are finding ways to get outside and enjoy the springing of spring. It seems to me that the flowering shrubs and trees are putting on a particularly good show this year, and for that, I am grateful.

I haven’t written for a few weeks, so all the things I’m wanting to share have accumulated. Here’s your


Fab Four Finds for Friday:




The fabulous 28toGreat™ group has just passed the half-way mark of their Food Sass® Intermittent Fasting Journey. The group is 45 strong and people are noticing all kinds of shifts and improvements in their health and well-being. Bravo for them! Don’t worry; I’ll be running this program again in the future. It’s been far too well-received and successful to be a one-and-done!


Keys to Health and Joy


If you’ve been a Create Vibrant Health community member, you know what I’m about, why I do this work and what changes I’m looking to support in our human experience. If you’re new to this community, a well-written cover story was just published in the New Orleans Inspire Health magazine: Empowering Natural Living, about exactly all of that. The writer that interviewed me was absolutely lovely and did a marvelous job of boiling a 60-minute interview down into her designated word allotment. I invite you to give the article a read!



Spring Cleaning


I’ve had several peeps reaching out looking to do a solo Spring Body Sass® Cleanse.

Spring is a natural time, per Ayurvedic medicine, for our bodies to clean house, so to speak. Relieve toxic burden, lose weight, gain energy and SLEEP…the sleep is typically blissful. A perfect gift to give yourself to alleviate some of that pandemic funk and provide your body with a much-needed re-set.


Shrimp, At Your Service


The warmer weather often finds us wanting lighter, easier fare in the food department. I came across this shrimp recipe and feel moved to share it. I suggest substituting avocado or coconut oil in for the olive oil—you do NOT want to ingest olive oil that is heating to smoking (or even heated to way before the smoking. Other than that, the recipe is a great Food Sass® delight. Enjoy!


Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love and Friday joy,


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